Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hello everyone. I can't seem to get in a rhythm of posting on a regular schedule. My brain doesn't work that way.

I'm slowly but steadily working on Jordan's blanket. It doesn't seem to be getting wider though. I'm having trouble with my right hand and crocheting is limited to around an hour at a time with long breaks in between. It's frustrating but it is what it is. I'm slowly learning to pace myself and do what I can, then rest. Having RA has been a learning experience and one I've not enjoyed. I have always been one who works steadily until a certain job is finished, then procrastinate until I started the next one. Now, in order to get anything done, I have to plan my work schedule and also plan rest times in between. Annoying to say the least.

I'm also having to deal with testing my blood gloucose levels every day. My levels are running between the mid 90's and very low 100's so things are working out. The medication the doctor gave me scares the heck out of me so I don't plan on letting this get out of control. If there's one thing that will make me watch out, it is the fact that the medication can cause (in rare cases, so the pamphlet says) lactic acidosis which can be fatal. The symptoms are enough to make me watch what I eat and keep that level under control. This morning my level was 93! A great reading for me. On Saturday morning it was 131 but I know what caused that. I went a little crazy on Friday and had a couple of Cokes and some candy. Sugar rush! I paid for it and that won't be happening again. I haven't had a Coke since and no candy, ice cream, cake, cookies, etc. I'm eating fruit and veggies, drinking OJ and water and tea. Do I miss the Coca-Colas??? Oh my, yes. But the choice is an easy one to make. I want to be around to see my grandkids grow up. I know there is no guarantee for that but at least, I don't need to do things to cause an early demise. (pretty morbid, huh?)

The weather here is COLD! I want warmth and sunshine and blue skies and flowers blooming. NOT wind, snow, rain and grey skies. I have to keep reminding myself that Spring is coming or rather it's already here but just not showing herself fully. I so wish she would come out of hiding. I promise to play nice if she will.

I finished a great book on my Kindle last week. "Guilt by Degrees" by Marcia Clark. She was one of the prosecutors in the O. J. Simpson trial and I have to say, she is a great writer. I loved the book and it kept me guessing to the end. It centers on a female district attorney and a female detective and the murder of a homeless man. The plot ties back to an old murder case also. She has more and I will have to read them also. I'm now reading "15 Seconds" by Andrew Gross, another favorite author. This one is about a man who gets framed for killing a cop. I'm really enjoying it.

I'm also reading "The Paris Wife" by Paula McLain. It's the story of Ernest Heminway and his first marriage to Hadley Richardson. It centers on their time in Paris and how Hadley copes with the demands and intensity of life with Ernest. He wrote "The Sun Also Rises" during this time and his friendships with Getrude Stein, Ezra Pound and F. Scott Fitzgerald have a major influence on that book. It is an interesting read written in the voice of Hadley.

Do you do that? Do you read more than one book at a time? I have been known to read as many as 3 when my kids were in middle school and high school. I always had a book in the car for those times when I had to sit and wait on band practice or band trips to be over and I usually had two going in the house. My life was so much busier then than now. How did I ever manage?

Happy Easter to all of you. I hope you have a lovely weekend. I also hope that Spring comes soon to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere with warm sunshine, bright blue skies and gentle breezes. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope your Autumn is a lovely one with delightful days.

Thank you for stopping by.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Red-faced Me

I am so ashamed of myself. I won a giveaway (my first ever) and received an absolutely wonderful package in the mail on March 14. Here it is a week later and I'm just getting around to blogging about it. Chris at had a giveaway on her blog offering 4 yummy balls of yarn and a beautiful crochet hook. I was so excited when I got her email telling me I had won!!!!! I couldn't wait to get the package but in the meantime, I had the visit to James on my mind and totally forgot it was coming. I was so surprised when I opened the box and started pulling out these wondrous things. Want to see what I got?????

 Double Whee!
 A pretty, pretty crochet hook from KnitPicks!

 Yarn from KnitPicks. So soft and such yummy colors!
 A packet of wildflower seeds! Come on, Spring!
 A lovely card from Chris and a packet of Chocolate Hazelnut Decaf Tea!
 The tea and seed packet were in this pretty decorated bag tied with a pretty ribbon.
AND, stationery. Oh my, stationery. Such pretty sheets with pretty envelopes.

I am so, so happy to have won this and Chris, I can't thank you enough for drawing my name. This has made me smile over and over.

I am slowly adding to Jordan's blanket. Crocheting is making my shoulder hurt so much these days. I am going to have to give in and go see the doctor for a shot, I guess. Ouch! But if it makes the pain ease up, it will be worth it.

Here's the progress I've made on the blanket. I worked on it in the motel room on my last visit to see James, and spread it out on the bed to take a photo. It's not the best lighting but it looks okay. I'm doing something different with it after my daughter made the suggestion. I had started do the stripes horizontal but it was taking so much time. Jordan is on a waiting list for a bone marrow transplant and I would like to get this done before he has to go into the hospital for that transplant. He will be in isolation for a time and won't get to see or use it during that time. Abby suggested I turn it to vertical stripes because it is already longer than I am tall. That girl has some good ideas. 

Sweet Baby James will be 6 weeks old this Saturday. It's hard to believe. The time is just flying by. Abby got a new phone with a great camera and she's sending me photos all the time. This is his 1 month photo. Is that not adorable?!?!?

He's growing and healthy. He's laughing and holding up his head. Oh my, I miss him and can't wait to get back down there to wrap my arms around his sweetness.

I've had my doctor rounds this month. I have a heart murmur and have to see a cardiologist once a year. I also had to start taking cholesterol medication a year ago and that means bloodwork each year before the visit. Silly me thought all they were looking at was the cholesterol levels but apparently they did a whole screen. My blood glucose was a bit high and the doctor was more concerned with that than my cholesterol levels, which were very good, by the way. He suggested I go see my primary physician and I told him I would make the appointment. Apparently, he didn't trust me to do that because he had his office make the appointment for me. When I saw the primary, I had started checking my levels again and they were running around 100-110. A little high, I admit, but she wasn't overly concerned. She asked about steriod use because of RA and I realized that I had just come off a  10 day round during my visit with James. (My rheumatologist advised me to take them when I visit the grandchildren since it's a 4-5 hour drive and then there's the baby holding and playing.) She told me steriods will cause an increase in the blood glucose level. So now I have to check it every morning. I have medication but I only have to take it if the level gets above 120. It's still running around 100. I've had to give up my sweets which will be a good thing since I defintely need to lose weight. It's been easier than I thought it would be to give them up. What I'm having the most trouble with is Coca-Cola. I am addicted, no doubt about it. I'm weaning myself. I've gone from having a coke all day long to one or two a day and some days, not even one. So I'm trying. Wouldn't it be great to lose weight as easily as we put it on???

I know I'm forgetting something important but right now I can't think of what it might be. So I'll close now and get this one published. Thank you for stopping by. I enjoy reading your comments and knowing you find my ramblings a little bit interesting. I hope you have a wonderful day/night wherever you might be.