Friday, December 11, 2015

Ah, Life

Life has a way to going in its own direction, doesn't it? I had plans, after I got better from all the stuff I went through in October, to become a regular poster again and to regale all of you with my exploits in crochet, cross stitch and whatever else I might get into.

However, life decided my plans were a bunch of hooey and just did its own thing. Since my last post was almost 2 months ago, it would appear that I am not a regular poster and I really don't have much to regale you with. I am fine other than being tired a lot and having back problems, but nothing really drastic has happened. (Have I just jinxed myself???)

We have been to see the grand-kids (both in GA and in TN) over the past 2 weekends and Grammy/Mimi is just now recovering. I would visit them every weekend, if I could, and spend the next week in bed. But again, that's not how life works.

Since Christmas is exactly 2 weeks from today, I have made a decision. I am going to be absent until the New Year. I don't make resolutions but in the coming year, I hope to set aside a specific time each week to write and share my world. I am also going to start a new baby blanket for Lollypop! Our family is going to be blessed with a new baby in April. Jellybean is getting a new brother or sister. Just like with Jellybean, my daughter and SIL don't want to know the gender before the baby gets here. I'm pulling for a girl; a red haired, blue eyed little Mini Me of her Mom. But of course, I'll be happy with a another boy. Grandchildren are so special and I love being called Grammy/Mimi.

So there you are. I'll be back after the first of the year. Wow, 2016! I'll try very hard to pack Procrastination's bags and send him on a long, long, long trip. I'll try hard to accept life and her funny quirks and make peace with what she brings me.

To all of my bloggy friends, here, there and everywhere -  I wish you the most Joyous of Holiday Seasons. Whatever you celebrate, I hope it is a joyous time filled with laughter, love, family and kindness.

Hugs to each and every one,