Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Passing through

Hidey-ho, neighbors! I'm passing through to show you a few things. I recently joined Blueberry Heart's Halloween swap and my swap partner sent me some great things. I loved getting this package. Want to see??? Of course you do.

All these cute little packages wrapped in Halloween colors.

Don't you just love this card???

Goodies, goodies, goodies.

Love this pillow. It now resides on my bed.

Bat, Witch's hat and spider cookie cutters


An adorable little pumpkin


As Garfield would say, "Candy, Candy, Candy!" YUM

Fabric. This will come in handy for a backing for my silhouette Halloween (if I ever finish it).
It's not looking good for this Halloween.  :)

Thank you so much, Melanie, for the sweet gifts. Go visit her blog at http://thepatchworkrobin.blogspot.co.uk/.

She has now received my package so I can show you all the things I got together for her.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this swap. Thank you so much, Blueberry, for hosting this. 

The weather has been really crazy around here lately. Last week, it was cold, cold, cold. I had to finally break down and turn on the heat because I was aching so much from the cold. Now this week, we are having temps in the high 60's and low 70's. I'll take it. I love warm days and cool nights. It's the cold days and even colder nights that I don't like.

My Bandit boy is doing great. His incision healed perfectly and completely and the staples were removed today. He was a very good boy and didn't have to be sedated again. He did quiver a little bit but he got lots of loving from me and the vet's wife and when it was all over, he got his special Saturday treat. He acts like he feels so much better and he's not mad at me anymore.

As I said in an earlier post, my local thread shop is closing December 31. I have several projects I have stored away and last week I went through them all and determined what I needed to complete them. I have plenty of thread. I made an afghan one year and my Hubby bought me all the thread to do it. He actually overbought and I still have tons of thread. Most of the fabric I needed was bought when the book or pattern was purchased but I still needed some specialty threads. Last Friday, I scooted down and bought all the thread I needed to do some canvas work. It was all specialty thread like Weeks Overdyes and Caron's Wildflowers. (This is my Christmas present from Hubby so I was able to get everything I needed) I have never done canvas work so I'm looking forward to working on that this winter when it's too cold to go outdoors. I also have 2 baby samplers to do. I am a bit slow on these sometimes. My oldest grandson, Eli, will be 2 in February and I haven't started his yet. I designed it myself and that took me a while. And I also have one to do for James, who is, "gasp" almost 9 months old!! I'm designing his also and have the basics done. I just need to do the final tweeks and get the pattern printed.

Life is good here for the most part. We have had an avalanche of unexpected expenses but I'm rolling with it. Bandit's surgery, a repair to the dish washer, a fuel pump on one of the vehicles and now Hubby needs a crown redone. And I just ordered a smartphone. Thankfully, it didn't cost anything and when I change plans, the cell phone bill will be the same or a little less than it is now. I don't know how well this 62 year old will get along with a smart phone but I'm about to give it a try. Wish me luck.

Thank you for stopping by! I always enjoy knowing you have been here and I love it when you leave comments. Have a wonderful day or night wherever you are.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Minor surgery

I just read Lizzie*Kate's blog about her minor surgery on her finger. If you don't follow this blog, you need to go read this post. It will tickle your funny bone. It has reminded me so much about the surgeries I have had and the aftermath of those surgeries.

Several years ago, I had to have periodontal surgery. Suffice to say, if you don't brush and care for your teeth you may be faced with this AND you certainly don't want to. It involves lots of cutting and scraping and you look like you have been slapped in the mouth more times that you can count. The surgery itself wasn't painful; I was in lala land for most of it having taken a sedative both before we left home and just before the procedure. I took a walkman and listened to an audio book (at least I started listening). I can't tell what the book was or what it was about but it helped soothe me into sleep.

I know none of this seems funny but that part came after the surgery. The Hubs was with me to drive me home and when I came out to the waiting after the procedure, he went sort of white. I asked him if he was okay and he, being the strong man that he is, said, "Of course."

He helped me to the car because I was still loopy from the medication and then, on doctor's orders, took a pain pill and ate some chocolate pudding. The office was close to the on ramp for the interstate and as we started toward that ramp, the Hubs pulled over to the side of the road. I looked over at him and asked what was wrong and he just said he needed some fresh air. He walked to the roadside and passed out! I'm sitting in the truck, so loopy I almost don't know where I am, and I'm calling to him, "Are you okay?" Luckily there were some good Samaritans following us and they pulled over and 2 went to check on Hubby and one came to check on me. I had the cell phone trying to call 911 but couldn't seem to find the numbers. I held the phone out to the nice man and asked him to dial 911 because I couldn't find the right numbers. Did I mention I was loopy!!!!

Soon we had a police car and an ambulance on the side of the road and were the center of attention of the passers-by. The EMT's wanted to take him to the hospital to be checked out and he was refusing to go. I had already gotten myself into the driver's seat and buckled up prepared to follow the ambulance in my loopy state when one of the EMT's came to the truck to tell me he was refusing to go. So I fumbled out of the seat belt and walked (staggered) back to the ambulance. I told Hubby to go on to the hospital. He asked who was going to bring me and I told him proudly that I would bring myself. He stared at me in disbelief as I announced to the police officer standing there that I had had periodontal surgery a little while ago and had had a pain pill but I was "F---i----n----e!" and could drive. The officer very politely said, "Yes ma'am, I'm sure you are." Anyway, Hubby refused to be taken to the emergency room and we came home on the condition that he would go to the doctor as soon as I was settled, which he did after asking a neighbor to check on me in a little while. She says she did check on me but I don't remember her ever coming in the bedroom.

It turned out that Hubby had a panic attack when he first saw me. Frankly, I didn't think I looked that bad but I must have been a horrible sight. Luckily, there were no ill effects from the panic attack or my surgery and it makes for a good laugh.

Thanks for dropping by.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Long time no see

Hello dear bloggy friends. Been a while I know. I've had some issues since the P&P twins moved in. You know who they are, don't you? Those nasty little creatures that like to wreck your world and cause you no end of trouble. I'm talking, of course, about Pain and Procrastination. I have tried packing their bags and sitting them beside the front door but they just don't seem to take the hint. I thought they would only be visiting for a few days but they don't seem to be in any hurry to leave.

Pain has been hiding in corners and jumping out at me at the oddest times. And he is really one sneaky little imp. He likes to move around because it "makes things interesting". Hmmph! I can do without his seemingly endless bag of tricks. One day he is in my hands, the next in my feet and yet another day, he's decided my back is the bestest place he has ever been. I can hear him giggling as he squirms around trying to get comfortable. Blasted little torturer!

And Procrastination!!! What can I say about her? And yes, she is a girl. It would make much more since if she were a he but that's not the case. She lets me make all the to do lists I want. In fact, she encourages me to make them. Then she does her little dance and whispers in my ear about how nice it would be to just let that job slide for now and go read a book. She has even made a mess of my projects. I began sorting through my cross stitch projects 2 weeks ago so I would know what I have ready to go and what I need to buy for and she got all huffy and said that I shouldn't be making such a mess on the sofa. And then she called her twin, Pain, over and had him do his back pain dance. Yikes! I need a good exterminator.

I have managed to work a little bit in spite of my unwanted guests. I am almost finished with the Halloween silhouette and I'm in love with it. I promise pictures soon. I had to put it aside for a while because I joined Blueberry Heart's Halloween swap and I'm just about to wrap that project up. I have one more thing to finish and then it's off to the UK for Melanie at Patchwork Robin to enjoy. At least I hope she does. When she receives it, I'll post photos of what I sent.

I have to work now on my "Sampler of Many Stitches" for the class I've been taking. I haven't finished the homework for the second class and need to get that done before the last class on the 19th. Sadly, my local needlework shop is closing December 31. I am really going to miss this shop. It's the only one in our town and I will have to travel an hour to get to the nearest one. We do have a Hobby Lobby but I've become accustomed to her quality of product and it just doesn't seem the same. I will have to go on a big spending spree before she closes so I can stock up. That was one reason for the sort out of cross stitch projects.

Last week was one for the books around here. On Tuesday, my husband got up complaining with pressure in his chest and back and saying that his left arm felt funny. We went to the ER where tests were done (EKG and blood work) and thankfully, he did not have a heart attack. He did, however, have to stay in the hospital overnight to be monitored to make sure there wasn't anything going on. Everything was fine and he is back to work with no ill effects.

Then on Friday, I had to have the mobile vet in to check on Bandit, my husky. He has a mass on his left side that wasn't clearly visible until we finally got him all brushed out from his winter coat. Then it became very obvious. I don't know how long it has been there but the last couple of weeks it has seemed to get larger. The vet talked about different things and said he couldn't be sure what was going on without some tests. He did say the mass was attached and that's not a good thing. Bandit had to be sedated in order for him to get blood to do the tests he wanted because he totally did not like the clippers or the alcohol. Poor thing was out of it for an hour and a half and then was really wobbly on his feet for the rest of the night. But he did get some good sleeping in. We are just waiting now for the results of the blood work to see how to proceed. Bandit doesn't seem to be having any problems. He is bouncy and wants to play - for a little while. He seems content and doesn't seem to be having any pain so I'm hoping for the best.

So there you have the story of my absence. I can feel the twins peaking over my shoulder trying to get my attention but it's not working tonight. Maybe they will get tired of me ignoring them and pick up their bags and head on out the door. Only time will tell.

As always, thank you so much for visiting and thank you for your comments. I really appreciate them. I hope you have a wonderful day/night wherever you might be.