Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Looking Back - Moving Forward

I'm back. The past 3 months have been a blur of illness and just general fatigue. One moment I feel great; the next, blah. After enduring the Virus of February and the Cold of March, I endure the Allergies of April. And what an allergy issue it was! It's been a long time since my allergies have bothered me that much. I take two (!) allergies meds, one over the counter and the other prescription, but I think all the Spring bursting forth just overcame them. Along with all the above, I've experience a weird malaise. BUT, I think I'm finally getting over everything, with the exception of my dealings with RA but that's a constant. Enough complaining, right?

While I felt so rotten, I'm been piddling around, cross stitching, watching FlossTube videos on YouTube, watching my beloved Chicago Cubs and trying to do a bit of clean up and clean out. The other night, I noticed that my email folder on my phone was jam packed and needed a good clearing out. So after scrolling 4-EV-AH, I got the bottom and starting reading to see of I could trash them. This is the looking back of my title. There were so many emails from comments to my blog when Mom was ill 3 years ago. (It's hard to believe it's been 3 years since her passing.) All of your comments collected together in one place was almost overwhelming. I felt so much love and caring during that time and I've never forgotten it. Re-reading those emails was emotional but also welcoming. I relived our journey through Mom's illness and ordeal but with a lighter heart than I thought possible. All the comments were full of kindness and concern and they all brought a smile to my face. So once again, I must thank each of you for your friendship, kindness and love during that time.

Now moving forward, trying to get a handle on all the things I've got piling up around here and dealing with the new pain of RA since it has moved to my feet, I'm trying to plan what projects I want to do and how to fit all of them in. My daughter did a great blog on using a planner to get organized. Abby has a full time job now and two little ones, 4 and 1 (yes Sam just turned one, more on that later) and she was getting overwhelmed with everything, so she decided a planner system was the way to go. However, she couldn't find one particular system that worked for her and true to her nature, she took something from here and something from there, and came up with something that works for her. She is much calmer and more on top of things now. I've read this particular post several times but haven't gotten around to implementing it as yet. :)

At the moment I am participating in a SAL as I've been missing my counted cross stitching. The SAL is one of Carolyn Mannings designs and I'm loving it. It's called Granny is not a Square and it's a year long SAL with each part coming out on or around the 15th of the month.

This was last night. Almost finished with part 3 and I'm seriously trying to finish it before the end of April. The next part comes out around May 15 so if I finish now, I'll have more time to start something else. HA! I need to start Sam's birth sampler and that's next on my list. I also have 4 new charts from Carolyn and the fabric ready and I've been asked to crochet a blanket for a twin size bed. I don't usually do things like this. Most everything I crochet or cross stitch is either for me or for a gift for someone. I've never done a commission before but this guy is a long time friend. We go back to elementary school and he understands that it may be Autumn before I get it done. So there's that. I'm also planning to do some crocheting for the grandkids for Christmas. I have one started; a mermaid tail sleep sack. I'm doing 2 of those for the granddaughters. Then I'm going to do a rocket, a dinosaur and a robot for the grandsons. So I've really got to get busy with that. Maybe I need to go back and read Abby's blog post again and get that planner thing going!

As I mentioned earlier, Sam turned one on Sunday, April 23. He is such a bundle of love. He's the last grandchild. I have 5 in total and I couldn't be happier or more in love if I tried. It's hard to believe it's been a year since Sam was born. I was there this time. Sam is the first of my grandchildren who's birth I was able to attend. I had missed out on Ella's due to some forgotten reason (she is the oldest) and just didn't see any of the others. But Sam's mama asked me to be there this time. I wasn't actually going to be in the room until she heard the announcement that visiting hours were over and, in a panic, sent me a text to come back to the room. I told her they weren't going to make me leave as I was in the delivery waiting room but I'm so glad she called me back. I got to watch Sam's birth and cut the umbilical cord. If anyone ever doubted miracles, they wouldn't after watching a birth. I'm still amazed at the process even though I have 2 children of my own.

Less than 1 day old

Shortly before his birthday.

This little man is funny, sweet, oh so smart and has grabbed my heart just like his brother and his 3 cousins. He adores his big brother and they actually play together for a few minutes at a time now. All my grandkids are special but Ella holds a special place all her own because she made me a grandmother. And Sam, sweet Sam, has his own special place because he's the last one. I don't mean that I love any of them more than the other, but there are special places in my heart that these two occupy and always will.

They visited on the weekend of April 8th and it was a crazy place for a couple of days. Children bring life and laughter into a home. Mimi and Papaw enjoyed every second of the visit.

There was belly patting and suitcase sitting and toys everywhere! There was story reading, block building, outside time with Papaw and sweet cuddles if I was quick.

Sam's birthday party is Sunday, April 30 and I can't wait to see how he enjoys it. He's a timid little fellow until he get use to you and then he loves to be picked up for cuddles. I'll be back with a party update.  :)

I've read 26 books so far in my 2017 Reading Challenge. I'm currently reading "The Murderer's Daughter" by Jonathan Kellerman and listening to "A Share in Death" by Deborah Crombie. I just finished listening to "The Missing Ones" by Patricia Gibney. This is her first book and it was excellent. It's set in Ireland and the main character is Lottie, a DI with the Gardai. I believe it's going to be an ongoing series and if the next one is a good as this one, she has a devoted fan. I also finished recently the first 2 books in the #1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Andrew McCall Smith. These are set in Africa, principally Botswana, and they are a delight.

I'll close on that. This post turned out longer than I expected but I guess that's what happens when you wait a month between posts! Next time, I have birthday party news and I'll talk about my TV viewing.

As always, thank you for being here for me and for reading my blog. I love my bloggy friends.