Friday, December 11, 2015

Ah, Life

Life has a way to going in its own direction, doesn't it? I had plans, after I got better from all the stuff I went through in October, to become a regular poster again and to regale all of you with my exploits in crochet, cross stitch and whatever else I might get into.

However, life decided my plans were a bunch of hooey and just did its own thing. Since my last post was almost 2 months ago, it would appear that I am not a regular poster and I really don't have much to regale you with. I am fine other than being tired a lot and having back problems, but nothing really drastic has happened. (Have I just jinxed myself???)

We have been to see the grand-kids (both in GA and in TN) over the past 2 weekends and Grammy/Mimi is just now recovering. I would visit them every weekend, if I could, and spend the next week in bed. But again, that's not how life works.

Since Christmas is exactly 2 weeks from today, I have made a decision. I am going to be absent until the New Year. I don't make resolutions but in the coming year, I hope to set aside a specific time each week to write and share my world. I am also going to start a new baby blanket for Lollypop! Our family is going to be blessed with a new baby in April. Jellybean is getting a new brother or sister. Just like with Jellybean, my daughter and SIL don't want to know the gender before the baby gets here. I'm pulling for a girl; a red haired, blue eyed little Mini Me of her Mom. But of course, I'll be happy with a another boy. Grandchildren are so special and I love being called Grammy/Mimi.

So there you are. I'll be back after the first of the year. Wow, 2016! I'll try very hard to pack Procrastination's bags and send him on a long, long, long trip. I'll try hard to accept life and her funny quirks and make peace with what she brings me.

To all of my bloggy friends, here, there and everywhere -  I wish you the most Joyous of Holiday Seasons. Whatever you celebrate, I hope it is a joyous time filled with laughter, love, family and kindness.

Hugs to each and every one,


  1. It's so good to read your latest, Sharon :) I am glad to know you are enjoying your grands and look forward to meeting a new one in April! I wish you and yours good health and much joy in the days ahead and will look forward to reading your posts when you are able to publish them. xx

  2. Hello Sharon! Merry Christmas to you also. I'm sorry to hear about your back issues but I truly understand. For the first time in my life I am also having back problems. I do hope you get back into blogging in the new year because I have missed you, but I certainly understand how life gets us busy. Congratulations on a new baby coming along to your family. Grandchildren are a great blessing aren't they. We're visiting Miss Piper and her family right now for two more days. It will sure be hard to leave.

  3. Lovely post - you should never feel obliged to blog, only doing it when you want to :) Good luck for new impending grandbabe and for a happy family festive time x

  4. Oh, dear..just lost my first comment. You know how much I love you. I, too, hope to be a better blogger. Life does send some curves our way..that is for certain. xoxo, Ellen.

  5. Hey lovely, Merry Christmas. Always happy to see a post from you when it lands on my list!

  6. I'm the world's biggest procrastinator. Always have big plans, but often just let them fall to the wayside. And then I remind myself that not everything has a deadline and I don't have to keep putting constraints on myself. Wishing you and yours happy holidays!

  7. Merry Christmas Sharon, have a wonderful holiday.

  8. Once every two months is still regular, you know. :)

    I'm so glad you got to visit with all your grands. I know we enjoyed having you over. Next time, we'll have a bed for you to sleep in here, too. I can't wait to see you at Christmas!

  9. Well maybe this is really good decision. So, I'd like to wish you to spend this time useful and right. Do much for yourself, spent time with family and actually relax and recover. Have a nice time!

  10. Wishing you too and all your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year


  11. Dearest Sharon, Happy New Year.
    It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I hope you can blog a lot this year. Last year was pathetic for me as far as blogging is concerned. Partly due to bad health and partly because I am the queen of procrastination! I hope to do better this year, fingers crossed.
    Congratulations for the new arrival. :)
    Love and hugs