Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sweet Baby James is 9 Months!!!!

Yes, that's right. That sweet bundle of joy I waited for so anxiously (as did his Mama) turned 9 months old today. It's so hard to believe! He is so stinking cute. Of course I am prejudiced but I love when he crinkles his nose up when he laughs.

Abby and Doug took him to a state park close to them today to make photos. I asked if I could post them on my blog and she said yes. I love these.

The last one is a photo grab from our last Skype session.

He is getting such a personality and he smiles almost all the time. He does have his moments though. The Hubby said she needed to get some "mad" photos because all he ever gets are smiling ones. She sent him a photo of James really upset. He wanted her phone and she wouldn't let him have it. He was not a happy camper.

Eli - 21 months

Ella (opposite day at pre-school) - 5 in December

Lilly - 3 in December

I love these grandkids of mine. I never dreamed how much love my heart could hold. Each time one came along, I thought I couldn't possibly have enough room for more love and my heart just got bigger and bigger. They are my life and they make me smile just thinking about them. There is nothing in this world as precious and special as a grandchild.

The oldest will be 5 in December and it's so hard to imagine that. I can so well remember the day she was born. I was suppose to be there but I couldn't make it. I'm not sure what happened; whether I was having a pain issue, a work problem or it was weather related but my daughter, Abby, went in my place. She kept sending me text messages as everything moved along and then sent me a photo right after Ella's birth. I treasure that photo. I stood in my office and cried and laughed. I worked at a lumber yard at that time with all men and they were enjoying the moment just as much as I was.

The birth of each of these special little people is something that I will never forget. I just hope they each know how much Grammy loves them and how very, very special they are to me.



  1. Utterly,utterly gorgeous Sharon!!! What beautiful photos ...... doesn't it just make you feel good all over to see these bundles of happiness!
    I just know how you feel....this body is bursting with love for my grandchild!

    As I've been having problems with email going in the junk folders again If you didn't get my email with Kerrie's address for the Spanish stray's Christmas stall supplies it is at the bottom of my previous post.

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  2. What a lovely, lovely post, your grandchildren are gorgeous!

  3. Grandchildren are a special blessing. I have six and its just wonderful.XX

  4. Lucky Grammy, lucky grandkids! They are beautiful. That little James is a peach - what a sweet crinkly smile. :)

  5. Cute, cute, cute!!!! They are all so precious. Love James...more b'coz he has kind of grown up in front of us...if you know what I mean. You are so lucky.
    Love and hugs to you and all the little peeps. :)

  6. Oh, he is a little doll. 9 months is the age when they really do start to develop their personalities and are aware of everything around them. So sweet! I remember those ages fondly with both my boys as it was also the first time for me to take them to the States to visit with everyone. My oh time has flown right on by. Your grandchildren are all so very precious and I am sure, without a doubt, that they know just how much you love and cherish them. Hugs, Tammy

  7. How can this be? James was just born! All of your grandchildren are beautiful and they do have such a lovely and loving grandmother.
    Love to you dear Sharon.

  8. Such a beautiful post. Your grandchildren are so beautiful. Isn't it amazing how they fill your heart and mind with love for them? I'm the same with my grandbabies.

  9. 9 months already ... good grief! You have some gorgeous grandchildren there :)

  10. Actually, I think the kids are the lucky ones having you as their Grandma, all the pics, they're all gorgeous, but that second pic of James, is soooo cute and opposite day at preschool, what a cute picture.
    Just gorgeous, yes you are a blessed Grandma...........

    Sending blue sky and sunshine from Oz.

    Claire X

  11. James and Ella are so totally adorable! They are lucky to have such a lovely and caring grandma who loves them to bits.

  12. All children are special but grandchildren are EXTRA special! LOL! Your pictures are precious and they are all cutie pies! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!