Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Here I am

I have decided that I need to quit makings plans and just go with the flow. I had all these plans to take photos of my projects and of the sweet parcel I received from Amanda of Crafty in the Med. Have I done any of it? Nope, nope and nope. I have so much whirling around in my head that I can't seem to settle and get anything done.

The cold weather has been terrible. Yesterday (Monday) it was rainy and cold and that makes me hurt all over. I had some errands to run so I bundled up and tried to get them done. However, the truck had other ideas. The battery had given up the ghost so I stayed home. I think the truck was smarter than me. Then today I got up to snow, just a light dusting, but snow never the less. BRRRRR. It never got above freezing all day. The Hubs put a new battery on the truck last night and again, I was set to go do my errands but one of the people I was planning to see called and said he was going to the doctor because he was sick. So I did what any sensible little old lady who hates cold weather would do....I went back to bed.  LOL

The Hubs has been the lucky recipient of all this staying home. I've actually cooked a meal both Monday and Tuesday. Bless his heart, he never knows when there going to be hot food or when he will need to dive into the freezer to fix himself something. It keeps him on his toes and off center so he's always happy when the meal appears.

Tomorrow, the weather is suppose to be better with highs in the 40's so once again, I'm going to try to get those errands done. Then I will try, try, try to get the camera out and do the photo shoot and be back for another post. I thought I would let you know so you won't be shocked to see two posts in one month. Now I just have to put my money where my mouth is!

Take care, dear friends. Thank you for being my bloggy friends and for caring about me.



  1. Lovely to hear from you, your weather does sound a bit off-putting, you definitely did the right thing by going back to bed! Winter still hasn't quite landed here (for which I am grateful for) but it is damp and driech and grey, not very 'happy' weather at all!

  2. It has been cold here as well..below freezing for several nights. No snow, but rain is on the way.
    I know about the "best laid plans" as well.
    Take care, sending love, Ellen.

  3. It's been cold here too, but luckily no snow yet. Our truck is in for repair so Hubby has my car. That results in me staying home and I love it!

  4. Of course we care about you, how could we not? I am heading up to Ohio and not sure how my thin Floridian blood is going to handle it.

  5. Wishing you well, Sharon! The weather here makes me want to hibernate!! Brrrr! My left knee has been complaining and I am trying to convince it that it will enjoy swimming today :) I will let you know... xx

  6. I got downstairs this morning to go to school and found out the battery in my car was dead so we had to call a taxi. A friend brought us home from school. I don't do very cold weather and certainly not snow. :) Just a hint of cold and wet and my knees will ache big time so I can imagine how you are feeling. Hope you got some of those errands taken care of. Going with the flow is a very good thing sometimes. Best wishes, Tammy

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