Saturday, September 16, 2017


Hello there blogging friends. I'm back with another post. Please, deep breaths, relax. It's really me after only a week.  :)

How have y'all been? I hope everyone is safe after Harvey and Irma. If you are in the Northwest, I hope you are out of the path of the fire. Here in Hillbilly country, AKA East Tennessee, we are experiencing winds and rain from Irma but nothing of the proportions folks in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina felt. I'm absolutely ready for fall but not wet and windy.

I'm getting better every day. I actually went to Walmart yesterday for the first time in probably a year. I didn't use an electric cart. I knew what I wanted to get and that was the extent of my shopping. Straight in, grab the things and out. Then I went to the grocery and I did use the electric cart there. After Walmart, I thought I shouldn't push it. Two stores in one trip! I told the Hubs last night when he came in and he said, "I'm glad you were able to do that!" When I asked if he was glad because he didn't have to go grocery shopping as much, he said that was part of it, but he was mostly glad that I was able to get out and do these things. I think he's been worried about me!  :)

I got the sweetest photo from Abby the other day. She had taken James and Sam to the library and James want to take Sam to the play area.  Isn't this the cutest photo??

It makes my heart melt!

I've been cross stitching like crazy. I'm back in my happy place. I've totally lost any desire to crochet and that's really too bad as I had planned on making the grands snuggle sacks for Christmas. However, I've fallen out of love with them and they seem more like a chore than a pleasure so they won't be made this year. Maybe next year or I'll totally do something else. I have another plan up my sleeve, one which I think will go faster and be happily received. We'll see how that works.

I got happy mail last Thursday. I bought Lizzie*Kate's Christmas Mystery Sampler and I received the first part. I love doing these samplers. This year, I went with 16 count fabric and I'm really enjoying it. I'm not a linen or evenweave person. Aida is my friend as my eyes get older and personally, I think it looks just fine. 

Tuesday, I started:

Wednesday I did more:

There's a big debate on Facebook about not showing any of the sampler until the next installment comes out because it ruins it for those who haven't gotten theirs yet. Some don't even want it shown until all the installments have been mailed. I don't go on Facebook much anymore except to check out some cross stitch sites and personally, I don't have a problem with anyone posting their work. Even if I hadn't received mine and gotten started, I would enjoy seeing others' work. But then, I'm usually a laid back, live and let live type of person. BTW, I'm also on Instagram and post there quite often. I'm @grammybraxton. 

Just getting around to posting this today, Saturday. I had to have cavities filled on Thursday afternoon and it knocked me down. I didn't realize how sore I would be but Friday morning my jaw was swollen and the joint ached. There was a lot going on in there and I have a small mouth, so room is at a premium. I didn't manage to do much at all Friday and when I was falling asleep in my chair at 6:30 PM, I decided it was time to put the ole gal to bed. I woke up at 7:30 this morning after 13 solid hours of sleep, and I do mean solid.

That's all for now. I'll get this posted and try to get chores done before my Cubs play the Cardinals. As always, thank you for reading my blog and commenting.



  1. I'm so glad you're able to get up and around and do some things on your own but sorry to hear about your dental problems. That's no fun. I don't get on Facebook much anymore either. Too much drama. People get their panties in a twist way too easy as far as I'm concerned. Ha ha! I'll be curious to see how your cross stitch is going. I haven't done much for a while but would like to get back to it. I hope you have a lovely weekend and the pain is gone.

    1. Thank you, Betsy. Yes, thankfully, the pain has gone away and I've managed laundry today. Hugs.

  2. It is good you are getting out and about, getting back to normal :) But definitely dont over do it, you'll still must get plenty of rest (cross stitch time)!

  3. so glad you are feeling better and are now able to get out and about a bit. Love the cross stitch. I am crochet obsessed right now. I can't even think about knitting it is crochet all the way for me.

  4. Okay, I'll have to go back and read your other posts but I am back doing cross stitch too! I am really enjoying it and plan on doing more. Good for you pushing yourself a bit...the old saying...'if you don't use it you lose it' and staying as active as possible is so important. My SIL is diabetic and overweight and only 50 years old and he's in worse shape than me and now my daughter has to do most everything because he can barely walk....he's so young...from my vantage point! LOL!
    Love the photo and I did not know you were a Cubs fan! My son and grandson just went to a game in Chicago. My grandson has a rabbit named Rizzo! LOL! That is his favorite player...can't say as I blame him. That is a precious picture of your 2 grands for sure! You are too funny about the dentist and your mouth! Glad you got some good sound is so important. Take care and I'll be back! So glad you are posting again!

    1. I'm so happy you popped over. Yes, I'm a die-hard Cubbie. Rizzo, Bryant, Baez, all of them are my favorite, well, except for Jon Lester. LOL. Hugs