Thursday, December 21, 2017

Tis' The Season

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanza, and Solstice Blessings. It's the season of love, family and friends. But truly, shouldn't this be an all year occurrence instead of just one month??

I just wanted to drop in and send my greetings to everyone. There's not been a lot of time lately for me to get to the laptop to write a post. We have been getting ready to host our family Christmas next Friday, 12/29. Celebrating after the actual day has become the norm for our family.

I'll be back with all the happenings and hopefully, photos after Christmas. I still plan to do a WIP parade and I have my 2017 Reading challenge to talk about.

So until then, I'll leave you with some of the decorations in my home. It's all about the Snowmen and Snow women.  :)

  As always, thank you for being my bloggy friends and for visiting and commenting on my blog.



  1. Have a lovely time, filled with friends and family (and snowfolk!) xx Here is to a lovely 2018

  2. Merry Christmas Sharon! I hope you have a lovely celebration with your family next week. And I love your snowmen! I collect them and enjoy them out all winter. It brightens up the house after all the Christmas things are put away.

  3. Love your Christmas decorations and tree, Sharon! Hope you have a great Christmas with family!