Friday, January 18, 2013

First the Rain, then the Snow

After pouring rain most of the day Wednesday, we got snow. Great big fluffy snowflakes that quickly covered the ground and street. It started around 2:30 and by 3:00 the ground was covered.

The above photos were taken just after it started snowing. It was really surprising that after all the rain we had, the ground was so quickly white. The photos below are after a couple of hours of snowing.

It was still snowing when I took these around 4:30. I'm not sure exactly how much we got but I'm guessing a good 3 inches, maybe more.

Then joy of joys, the power went out at 5:30. It's been so long since the power was out, I had become complacent. I didn't have any candles and only 1 flashlight. Of course, at 5:30 EST in Tennessee, it is started to get dark so that just added to the fun. I spent the next 2 hours wrapped up in a sweater and blanket with the flashlight pointed toward the ceiling for a little bit of light. My sweet neighbor across the street came over to see if I was okay and if I needed anything. He and his wife are just young things and have a baby boy who turned 1 in September.

I learned last night that I am too dependent on electricity. We have no alternate heat source so I just had to wait it out. My recliner is electric so I couldn't stretch out and nap. I didn't have enough light to read a regular book and my Kindle's battery had run down while at the doctor's office. I couldn't crochet because, again, not enough light. Ah well, there's something to be said for quiet reflection.

Today's a new day. The sun is shining although it is really, really cold - 28F. The street is icy. I'm sitting in a warm house. Life is good.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are.



  1. WE've got snow here too, not as much as that yet Sharon, but we're bracing ourselves for more.Keep warm!

  2. So beautiful! When the roads are safe, head out for some candles and a few more flashlights!
    I don't mind so much when we lose power because we use a wood stove. It keeps us warm and I can cook on it, but...the BIG BUT is that we have no water. The pump from the well obviously will not work. You know what no water means besides no washing etc, it means NO TOILETS!!! EEEK.
    Wishing you a wonderful, warm and light filled weekend.

  3. I was going to say "lucky you" until I read that you lost power. I am pretty prepared after our ice storm a few years back and having gone without electricity for 8 days! That will really make you think twice about being dependent on electric. Thank goodness yours came back on sooner that later! It looks so pretty though and if you'd had heat and light it would have been a cozy time to crochet!

  4. It IS scary how much we depend on electricity. I'm glad you were safe and warm despite the loss of power - and a little quiet reflection is no bad thing. :)

    I hope your snow lasts for a while so you can enjoy the beauty of it.

  5. I missed your last post...where you got drenched, Sharon, but I am glad that you got a good doctor's report! And your snow is so beautiful, but being without electricity is challenging in our household as well...we are very dependent on it! How lovely of your young neighbor to check on you!! We have been having freezing foggy days here. Today I tried out my cowl to and from church and it truly did help to keep me warm. Wishing you cozy happy days...

  6. Wow Sharon, you are having it as bad as Britain! How bizarre! And power cuts as well! I can only send you commiserations, not the beautiful sunshine and heat we are having here at my son's home in New Zealand. I shall be making the most of it before we return in 2 weeks, I hope our snow has gone by then. Hope too that your power is back on by the time you read this!

  7. I hope things have warmed up over there since your post. Snow sure is pretty but I've never had to live in it except for the month I spent at a friend's place in Chicago before I came to Kuwait in December of 1994. :) Take care! Warm hugs and wishes, Tammy

  8. It did that here on Friday night, lots of snow in no time at all, and then on Saturday it thawed and that was that, just puddles. I hope things have warmed up for you too :)

    Thank you for the get well wishes Sharon :D