Thursday, January 17, 2013

Still raining

It is still raining here in good ole Tennessee. The weatherman is predicting snow this afternoon and tonight. If it snows as much as it has rained, we won't be out until spring.

I got a lovely surprise this morning. Maybe lovely isn't quite the right word but I try to refrain from bad language on here. My grandchildren may one day read these posts. :)

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and went out early to start the truck. It hasn't been started since we got home on Saturday and since in the past, I've had vehicles that didn't like sitting that long, I wanted to be sure I had transportation. I unlocked the door which I never lock here at home and jumped in out of the rain to crank 'er up and sat in a seat of water!!!! Wet butt, wet back, wet everywhere. The Hubs had driven us home on Saturday and as it was warm, he had rolled down the window just a little bit, maybe an inch and a half. The truck had sat there all through the rain on Monday and Tuesday just getting a good soaking.

Uggggggg! I came back in and grabbed towels to put in the seat and over the back all the time getting soak to the bone. It's not easy to hold an umbrella and spread towels and dry the floor. When I left for the appointment, I got wet again trying to get into the seat without pushing the towels to the side. Thank goodness, the doctor appointment went well.

I'm now home and starting to dry. I'm thinking maybe a raincoat with a hood is in my future. How I reached the ripe old age of 61 and 11/12's without one is beyond me.

Hope you are warm and dry or cool and dry wherever you are. A big welcome to my newest follower. Thanks for dropping by.



  1. Will cold and dry do? :)

    Hope that truck dries out before it freezes! And it sounds like you have a birthday coming up ... so happy birthday in advance. Glad to hear the doctor appointment went well.

    P.S. When is Jellybean due to appear?

  2. Oh my! What a surprise you had but well worth a good doctor report! Hope your son is doing well too. I did that once when I left my sun roof open!
    Stay warm and dry! What are you working on now? Crochet?
    Do you have a birthday coming up soon? 11/12's sounds like it! You were so right about the Blackberry blanket/throw...I love it! Love that bobble stitch! So fun and I can watch t.v. doing it! YAY!!!!
    I was going to blog today and show you but remember that battery charger I bought...well, it doesn't work...I charged batteries and they didn't last long enough to take one picture with my camera so I'll have to go buy some tomorrow and send the darn thing back! I'll let everyone know on my blog since I posted about it. I'm sure there must be good ones out there but this one wasn't!
    Cozy weather you're having! TTYL!