Monday, June 3, 2013

Good Things Come by Post

Last Wednesday, I was waiting on the mail because I knew I was getting a package from Amazon. I had ordered a couple of books to read and two crochet books. I love getting packages in the mail even when I know they are coming. So I was ready when the post lady beeped her horn. Out I went, eager to get my box with the smile so I could look through the crochet books. But, surprise, there was another package. What? I didn't order anything else. Oh well, I thought, the Hubs has ordered something and not told me. So I gathered up my goodies and headed back inside to start the opening.

I laid the second package to the side because I was so eager to get into my Amazon box. Want to see what I got??? Of course, you do.

Couldn't resist.   :)

I have always loved Mr. Rogers and I look forward to reading this book about him and James Patterson is one of my favorite authors. The crochet books are going to be so much fun. I'm thinking a granny square sampler blanket will be in my future. And the borders, oh my. I always struggle with borders for my blankets and afghans. I certainly hope this solves that problem.

So after a few minutes of book love, I turned to the other package. Hmmmm, from the UK and addressed to me! Well, then the Hubs hasn't ordered anything. So I got my scissors and carefully opened this surprise. Oh Wow! I had totally forgotten I had won a giveaway from Hawthorn, she of I live, I love, I craft fame. She works in a vet clinic and had posted a comment from one of the farmers, asking if we had any idea what he was saying. AND I WON!!!! I love Hawthorn's blog, the photos of the countryside, the stories of the vet clinic, everything. And I now I love it even more. I got a Yorkshire Dialect tea towel and 2 skeins of Rowan cashsoft dk yarn. Oh. My. Goodness. Look, look, look!

"Arse over tit" Gotta love it!

Isn't that the most adorable little lamb?

I realize I should have hung up the towel so you could see it better but it's been one of those days and I just truly wanted to get the photos on here. I am so in love with this gift.

I am so excited and thrilled with my tea towel and yarn. I plan on framing the towel. No way will there be wet, dirty hands touch this! When it's framed, I'll take another photo so you can see it much better. And the yarn, such a lovely shade. I have never owned any yarn so soft, so delicate, so wonderful. I have absolutely no idea what I will make with it. Suggestions are welcome. There is a total of 252 yds or 230 m. Kate, you made me so happy. I'm still beaming. Thank you again so very much.

Good things make for a happy Grammy. As always thanks for stopping by my little blog. That makes me happy also. Thank you for all your comments on my last post. I have to say, I'm thoroughly enjoying the extra time. I mentioned to the Hubs last Thursday night that it seemed odd not to be scrambling trying to finish checks and get things sorted and filed. He offered to find me something to, no thanks.

If you are a new follower, welcome aboard. I haven't been keeping up with that like I should and I'm sorry if I've failed to thank you for following.



  1. What a wonderful gift and surprise! Love the tea towel!

  2. Such fun and what a wonderful surprise for you. I am so glad that you are enjoying your "freedom".
    Love to you, Sharon.

  3. I may have to flip through the granny square book when we visit next.

    Also, I have no doubt that you will find things to fill your time. We're too much alike in that regard :)

  4. What a lovely giveaway win, lucky you :D

    And that lamb is just so cute!

  5. Sorry its taken a little while to comment on your blog - work has kept me busy busy! So glad you loved the tea towel, I just fell in love with it and thought of you when I needed a prize :)