Thursday, June 6, 2013

Random Thoughts and Success

I have finally gotten completely caught up on all my blog reading. It has taken a while but my new found freedom has let me get into the blog reader and see all the missed blogs. Wow, there were a lot, multiples of most every blog I follow. But I am totally caught up and ready for more.   :)

I got my hair cut Tuesday. I have been waffling about going shorter and today, decided to take the plunge and ask for a short, short cut. Tammy, my stylist, gave me the option of clippers all over or just sides and back and I quickly said, sides and back before I changed my mind. I now have the Hubs haircut in back. There is a little length on top but not much.

Ignore the goofy look. It's hard to get a photo in the mirror and it's doubly hard to get all my fluffy face in. The Hubs took the first one. I took the camera away from him after that.

While sitting there getting clipped, another customer came in with her two boys to see one of the other stylists. Tammy was talking to her when she asked, "Is that Abby's Mom?". Turns out she was Allison, a friend of Abby's who went all through school with her. Her mother passed away a few months ago and Allison has been having a really hard time as she and her mother were very, very close. She had brought some things of her mother's (lotions, soaps and shampoo) with her to see if there might be someone who could use them. She got up and came over to Tammy and quietly, almost in a whisper, said, "Her hair is gray, do you think she would  like to have this shampoo?" I looked up and said, "Whose hair is gray?" and then I really laughed because let's face it, at 62 most people have gray hair. I asked Tammy if she had cut all my color off! It was sweet and funny at the same time. It was a bottle of shampoo to keep gray hair from yellowing and Tammy said to only use it once a week or I would end up with lavender hair.  Hmmmm, now THAT would be a change!

Maggie May has started blooming. Magnolia blossoms are so pretty and smell heavenly. I love it when Maggie starts putting those blossoms on for the summer. The air smells so good and those white blooms against those deep, dark leaves are so pretty. It puts a smile on my face each time I look her way.

She seems to have not suffered too much from the abuse she took earlier this spring. 

I also checked on my petunias at the mail box. They are growing very well and filling the pots. We've had rain for several days and so I haven't had to carry water to them. 

And finally, the peace lily in the kitchen is blooming. Two blooms! It has bloomed with one every year since I got it over 20 years ago, but this time there are two blooms.

Life is starting to settle into a routine. I'm busy in the office/craft room moving things around and clearing out stuff. Hopefully the desk will leave over the weekend and I can start on the corner of doom trying to sort and clear out. We haven't been very good about dealing with instruction books and warranties of our purchases, mainly just tossing them in a box in the corner. It doesn't help that said corner is blocked by the desk and the printer table. Oh well, there's always something. I unplugged an old printer yesterday to add it to the yard sale stack and the power cord fell behind the filing cabinets. Oooops. The power pack is on top of the cabinet but the end that attaches to the printer is stuck and I can't get it out. When I told the Hubs, he got this funny look on his face and said, "Now I have to move the cabinet?" Uh, yes! That's another job for him over the weekend. Have to keep him busy, right? Makes him feel needed!

Supper tonight is soup beans and cornbread. If you are from the southern US, you will understand. If you are from elsewhere, just know that it's a really great meal and very easy to fix. I'm all about easy right now.

As always, thank you for stopping by. I love having each one of you here and enjoy reading your comments when you have time to make them. Have a wonderful day wherever you might be.



  1. I love this post! I may get brave and send you a picture of me. Whew! You had best hide. It could be very scary.
    Loads of love, Ellen.
    p.s. we did live in the Atlanta area for 10 years...dinner sounds yummy..i miss the fantastic corn meal covered and fried okra that i used to make.)

  2. Your hair will be nice and cool for that summer weather. Sounds like you're feeling better and getting lots done! Kudos for being caught up on blogreading - I am so far behind that I don't think I can catch up. Will have to just skip a few weeks and start fresh.

    Lovely magnolia and petunias!

  3. Your magnolia blossoms look fantastic. Ours flower in the early spring but with the weather so bad this year she just couldn't manage it.

  4. Well, if you are gonna go short, I say go for lavender too. Ha! Shorter hair will definitely be cooler for the summer weather. The magnolia is my state flower. :) I have one here that I bought at a craft fair that is made from a balloon. So pretty, but I can't keep it clean with all this dust. :( I can't believe you have had that lily for so many years. Wow! I have one more week of school and then I will begin tackling some sorting and purging around here. Best wishes for a great week. Tammy

  5. I bought a peace lily for my Gran the year before she died. It had many beautiful spathes while she had it, then when she died the plant was returned to me, it has not flowered once. I am not sure what I am not doing to get it right but my youngest son decided it was coz the plant is missing her xx

  6. Hi Sharon! I thought my blogroll would help me keep up with the blogs I am following, and it does, but I scroll back on each blog I read and almost always find posts I have missed as I did just now with yours. I enjoyed seeing your books and blossoms and gift, and I am glad you are making a happy transition out of your accounting job into your downsizing and setting up a creative space job :-) Your cute short hair cut is just right for the hot days ahead! xx, Gracie

  7. Great cut for summer! I think like Sue I'd struggle to catch up with all my blog reading I'm so far behind, I just have way too much to do with my time just now. But I'm glad to have caught up with you Sharon, you sound as if you're enjoying getting stuck into life at the moment.

  8. That is gorgeous!!!! It looks so natural!I've always wanted to try hair extensions but haven't been brave enough yet! These look so good on you!