Monday, January 6, 2014

The weather outside is frightful!!!!

Gee whilikers, is it cold! 14 degrees F with wind and blowing fine snow. I don't like this weather and neither do my bones. I'm hunkered down and trying to stay warm and just letting the world go along without me. :)

I'm trying very hard to do something I promised myself for 2014. I want to do a post once a week if at all possible. We'll see how well that goes.

We had our family Christmas on Saturday, Dec 28. I was surrounded by family and it was such a wonderful time. All the grandkids were in one spot along with my children, sister and her family and our Mom. It just made me smile and smile. We decided this year to only buy for the little ones and the teenagers so getting to watch all the unwrapping (ripping) of paper and excited squeals was so much fun. James was more interested in his cousins than in presents but next year, I'm sure that will change. Grammy and Papaw bought Swingcars for the older kiddos and a stationary car for James and they were a BIG hit. The older ones got to ride on my sister's screened in porch and had a great time. Swing cars are propelled by moving the steering from side to side. They move on their own without pedals and all 3 knew how to do it right away. To stop them you lean forward to slow down and then put your feet on the ground. James liked crawling in and out of his car and inspecting all the fun things on it. Abby said they put it in his room and it keeps him occupied while she is folding and putting away laundry instead of having to chase him down and bring him back. The GA kiddos moved to a new house the first of December and have a cul-de-sac to ride their cars on when the weather gets better. For now they are riding in the garage.

All four in one spot - a rare moment.

James and Grammy. Love this little guy.

Elijah and James check out the car.

Sharing Papaw's hat

My Mom with all her great grandchildren. Elijah wouldn't sit on her lap so his Mom had to hold him.
Elijah, Trisha (dil), Ella, Gran Gran, James and Lilly.

Last night was the start of season 4 of Downton Abbey for the US. I'm so glad this show is back on. I really love this show. I'm also looking forward to Sherlock in two weeks and the return of Call the Midwife. I am a nut for English shows. They always are so well made and so interesting. I just wish we didn't have to wait so long for them.

I'm in the process of reading The Games of Thrones book series. I'm on the 5th book of the series and I have to say they have grabbed me. I can hardly put them down. I'm also reading the Call the Midwife books, the ones the series is based on. I'm loving them too. Do you read more than one book at a time? Do you like to hold the actual book or do you use an E-reader? I love my Kindle but right now I'm reading physical books. Using the Kindle does make it easier especiallly when my hands are hurting. I just love to read!!!

On the craft front, I'm slowly finishing up the sampler piece I started in a class in September. Now that the shop has closed, I'm not as eager to finish it but I don't want it to just lie around. I have the pattern and fabric for Elijah's birth sampler to do; I just have to get the thread, and I need to finish designing James' birth sampler so I can start on it. I have so many projects and so little time. Cold weather makes it hard to do things but I can't abide sitting with nothing in my hands. 

Well, I guess that's all for now. I'll be back soon with more crafty stuff and maybe some adventures in cooking. My Sweet Baby James got Grammy and Papaw a food processor for Christmas and I'm looking forward to trying new things. 

Thank you for stopping by. Please leave a comment if you are so inclinded. I love seeing your comments.



  1. So nice to hear from you Sharon! Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas with all the little ones there. I like the idea of buying just for the kids.

    That is some pretty chilly weather you are having ... does it always get that cold there? Though right now we could do with some 14° weather as we are way down below zero and the wind chills are frightful. I guess it's all relative.

    Good luck with your blogging and stitching goals. A new food processor sounds like great fun. :)

    1. No Sue, we are about 30-40 degrees below normal for here in the hills of East TN. This weather has be so frightfully cold. I'll be glad when it warms up to above freezing. :)

  2. I so enjoyed your post! What a happy, happy day you had with all of your little ones there.
    We also love Downton Abbey and Hubby likes Sherlock. The season premiere of Downton was very good last night, don't you agree? More drama with the nasty butler and new ladies maid. :-)
    I have lots of books on my kindle that is on my iPad, mostly free and mostly for when we travel. It's nice not having to take stacks of books along. But...I love holding a "real" book in my hands. I love the feel and smell of the paper, especially if it's an old book.
    Happy New Year and I'm glad to see you back.

  3. I'm so glad you had such a good Christmas......yes keep warm, it sounds awful over there, we've got lots of rain, wind and storms here but it's not really cold. I love those programmes too....keep cosy! :) x

    1. You stay safe, yourself, Ada. I saw that all of England is under a flood watch.

  4. Happy New Year, Sharon : ) I loved seeing your clutch of Grandies and am so glad that you had happy times with them! I like the programs you mentioned, too, although have not watched many Sherlocks. My power went out toward the end of DA! I had to ask my friend, Teresa, what I missed! I like books better than my Kindle ap on my iPad, but am trying to read more electronically to save $ and space. I have been reading a series, Miracles of Marble Cove, set in an imaginary village [that seems real] on the coast of Maine. xx

  5. Dear Sharon,
    You are one lucky Grammy! Wish you a wonderful, joyful and pain free New Year. And looking forward to lots of posts from you.
    Love and hugs,

  6. It looks like a wonderful family gathering! You have lots of little ones to have fun with. Happy 2014! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. How wonderful to have your family together for the festive celebrations. All the best for your weekly postings. Sadly I haven't been consistent of late.

  8. That's just what Christmas is all about, isn't it? Family and children. It looks like you all had a wonderful time. There's no little ones in our family any more so a bit of the magic has gone, but we still enjoy it nonetheless. I love Downton, but it was reported in the news that the writer has hinted that series 5 will be the last. I hope not. The new series of Call The Midwife starts here on Sunday, I can't wait.