Tuesday, January 28, 2014

FOUND IT!!!!!!

Yay, I found the charger.

The weather today is cold and snowy. Right now (12:45 PM EST) it is 17 F and snowing. The roads are covered and the forecast is for snow the rest of the day. Brrrrr! Actually, it's not as brrrrr as last week when it was 10 F and windy. The soft falling snow is pretty but that may be because I don't have to go out in it. One of the perks of being retired.  :)

The first 3 pics were made this morning about 10. It had been snowing about an hour by then. In the 4th pic, there is a cardinal on the tree branch above the feeder. Kind of hard to see. At one point, I counted 7 cardinals both in the tree and on the ground. Such a happy bright color against the snow. The last 4 pics were taken around 12 noon. Looks like we are going to get a pretty good snowfall.

As I said, I found the charger and I did photograph the dishcloths and the yarn I still have to work up. There are some crazy colors in the mix but I'm really enjoying working on them. They are sort of instant gratification for me since I can usually do one in 2-3 days. Sam, the pattern I used is from Heather at The Good Life. If you click on Heather, it should take you to the pattern. I did change it somewhat. I used an F hook instead of an H and I am now starting the pattern right away instead of sc in the first row. I also did the border with sc for both rows. I don't do reverse sc very well. I worked the dishcloth until it was even diagonally and then started the border. So since you guys were so nice to ask to see the photos, here ya go:

The color on the third dishcloth is a purple/green variation. I'm liking it. I wasn't fond of the really bright one until I got it finished and now I like it. What do ya'll think?

And finally, my sewing corner. Well, not really a sewing corner, more of a small place in the bedroom but I'm happy. I haven't gotten to use it yet but I'm hoping that since today is a slow, lazy day, I'll be able to get in there and at least, zig zag the edge of the cross stitch project I'm wanting to start. As I said in the last post, that's my Mom's cabinet sewing machine that my little one is sitting on.

I don't know what is really going on with me. The past few days, I've had more get up and go. I'm even getting up earlier and finding that I have more time to craft and read. Imagine that! I'm such a lazy person on the whole that getting up early has always been a struggle for me. But I'm FINALLY using the C-Pap all night (at least 6 hours and most nights 7-8), I feel better in the mornings and more ready to get up and start my day. Now if I could just find something that made the RA pain go away, I'd be in heaven.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are. Please comment if you so choose. I love to hear from you.



  1. Goodness you ARE getting the snow today aren't you? I can't remember where you live though. :-( I have such a poor memory. I can see the bright red of the cardinal there in the tree. It is such a beautiful sight as I am ready for some bright colors. It looks like you're all set up and ready to sew. Fun! I cut more 4 inch squares out this morning and now I'm going to go and crochet. It's a dark and dreary day here in Spokane and sitting in front of the fire, reading and crocheting sounds good to me.

  2. How did you luck out? You must be further South than me as it seems the deep South is getting it. We have the cold but sunny and no precip. So pretty.
    Thank you for the pattern link! I love yours...so many different colors. I love how the variegated yarn looks like a diamond pattern....amazing how that worked out. I have to concentrate on the knitting too much except for the hats and I need to have something I can do and watch t.v.
    I'm so happy you're feeling better....me too! All of a sudden I have more energy but the doc told me to get rid of dairy and then I stopped eating bread and boy...if that's it I'm a happy gal! I'm not worried about weight as much as I am energy level. I've been like a whirling dervish around here lately and I'm so happy!
    Your Mother's sewing cabinet is gorgeous and so nice that your machine can sit right on top. I've been wanting to get back sewing and also that zizag comes in handy for the cross stitch. I can't wait to see what you're going to work on. Stay warm and cozy! So glad you're blogging again and feeling good!

  3. Snow is so exciting, isn't it? I love to watch the snow fall ... even though it's old hat for us up here.

    I like your bright cheery dishcloths.

    So glad you are feeling energetic - keep using that CPAP as much as you can! Sleep is so important. And enjoy that snow while you've got it. :)

  4. Sharon! ...So many good reports :) I hope the rest of your snowy day has been a cozy and happy one. Our power was out for 4 hours due to a squirrel who met his Maker today, and it has been rainy [our snow is all on Mt. Hood so far]. I am so glad you have Cardinals to enjoy! I miss seeing them since I moved to the West coast. Your dishcloths are cheery, and your sewing spot looks just right :) xx

  5. I love snow Sharon but only when I dont have to go out in it! Looks like it is a perfect crafting day.

  6. Goodness ... I hope it's warmed up a bit for you! And that the feeling of having a bit more energy sticks around :)