Saturday, April 19, 2014

A bump in the road

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments.

This week managed to throw us a curve. My sister, Mom and I went to Nashville on Wednesday to be rested before the all day long surgery. We had to be at the hospital at 8 AM and we had a 2-1/2 wait before they called Mom. My sister went up with her as they would only allow one person to be with her in pre-op and that person had to stay until she went into surgery. I got a text from my sister telling me they were taking her to get a CT scan to see exactly where the tumor was now. A little while later, I got another text that they weren't going to do the surgery. It seems the tumor has grown too large and was too close to some vital areas to safely do the surgery.  They would be taking her back to Dr. Mannion's office, the ENT surgeon, to do a biopsy to see exactly what they were dealing with. Apparently, our local hospital, pathology, whatever, never sent any slides to them from the original biopsy.

Stacey came back downstairs and we went to the doctor's office. I sent Stacey back to be with Mom. I was so disappointed and scared and angry and everything else, I just couldn't see Mom at that point. I had a cry, talked with my husband and waited on my daughter and James. When the nurse brought her out, they told us to go home. The plan is to do chemo to hopefuly shrink the tumor to a more manageable size for surgery and we can do that closer to home.

My aunt and cousin had come down to be with us during the surgery. My Mom lives with this aunt and they are really close. They had gotten a room for the night because my aunt did not want to leave until she was able to see Mom so they asked Mom and I to stay with them and then go home on Friday. Mom was totally worn out and very disappointed so we said okay. My sister had planned to go home Thursday night anyway so she went ahead.

I know this reads like a jumble of words but right now I'm not thinking very clearly. I'm very worried that they have left it too late and there won't be anything they can do. I told my Mom at the very beginning that I would accept any decision she made and that the decisions were hers. I am so afraid I'm going to lose my Mom to this and that she will be in pain. I don't want to lose her but I really don't want her to be in pain.

I have slept off and on all day but now I'm working through my emotions so I don't know if I'll sleep tonight. Please keep remembering us. As my sister said, we are in for a long haul. We are lucky to have each other and the family support. My daughter has been wonderful through all of this and so has her husband. My son is staying in touch and talking to me and Mom. Mom has 3 sisters who will do anything for her. Family is so important at a time like this and I am so thankful for the family we have.

Thank you for stopping by.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The surgery is scheduled.

Hello, my dear, dear bloggy friends. I cannot begin to tell you how much your comments and your thoughts have touched me. All we hear about when we turn on the news or talk with others, is how bad people are. The school shootings, the stabbings, the bombings, it all begins to feel like this world has turned totally bad and there's no hope for it. Then I get your comments and they are so powerful and kind and loving and I cry and smile and thank my lucky stars that I decided to join this wonderful community.

The past few weeks have been hectic. We have been getting things together, communicating with the doctors in Nashville and trying to be sure all things are lining up. We made another trip to Nashville last Friday for an appointment with the neurosurgeon, one with patient teachings and one for the pre-op process. The neurosurgeon determined that Mom could not wait until May for her surgery so that has been scheduled for Thursday, April 17. He explained, at the appointment, the process that will be done to remove the tumor. Instead of making an incision beside her nose, he will be doing a crainiotomy and working from above it. He feels that this is the best way to make sure he gets all the tumor. We have to be at the hospital at 8 AM with the surgery scheduled for 11 AM.  It will be an 8 hour surgery + or - depending on how things go after they get started.

Mom will be in ICU for 5-7 days and if all goes well, she will be allowed to come home then. The ICU room has a sofa that makes a bed and one of us can stay with her at night. I am staying Thursday night and Friday night so my sister can go home to be with her kids and then she is coming back on Saturday so I can come home and rest. Thank goodness for little sisters and for family. I don't know how anyone manages without having family around them. My daughter has been such a help and having her close to Nashville makes it nice. We get to see them each time we go down and James is such a delight. He is definitely a mood lifter.

I have found myself, over the past couple of days, staring into space and having trouble concentrating on anything. Maybe this is my coping mechanism. I am glad the surgery is going forward sooner than we had been told but the thoughts of my 82 year old mother having to endure this lenghthy procedure scares me. She told the neurosurgeon she was bringing her own Surgeon and he told her they would be sure to have gloves to fit Him. Mom's faith is firm and I know she will be in good hands and I know there will prayers and thoughts surrounding her, but there is a part of me that is so worried, so scared and Mom won't be there to comfort me. She has been my rock through all my procedures and now it's my turn to be hers. This reversal is unnerving.

Now to things that have put a smile on my face this week.

I bought myself a bracelet this week. It is from and $10 of the price goes to research for your designated cause. I chose the Head&Neck Cancer one for obvious reasons.


Photo from website.

It says "be brave" and it is the sentiment I need right now.

While in Nashville awaiting the doctor's appointment, I received an email from Meredith telling me I had won her April Chocolate yarn giveaway. Happy, happy, happy. Four skeins of Manos del Uruguay, Pure Peruvian Cotton Kettle Dyed yarn and a beautiful Brittany birch wood crochet hook in size J.

These pictures don't do the yarn or the other items justice.

The package came today while I was out getting some papers signed and running other errands. It was a comedy of errors! I had scheduled a package to be picked up for my Georgia grandbabies which was inside
the mailbox. UPS had left this package wrapped in plastic on one of the flowers pots beside the mailbox. Before I could get my things inside and get back out to get the package, the mail ran. Yep, you guessed it.....she picked up both the package inside the mailbox and the one beside the mailbox. I had no idea who the package was from as the Hubbs had an order he was expecting also. So I got online, got the number for our local post office (For some strange reason, the number for the local office is not listed?????) and gave them a call. I explained what had happened and asked her where I could get the package. She laughed and said she would contact the carrier and have her bring it back, which she did. She kept apologizing, but I told her it wasn't a problem. When I got the plastic off and realized it was my package from Meredith, I let out a whoop!!! See that beautiful yarn and look! Flamingo suckers! Aren't they cute!?!?! She also included a KeyLime chocolate bar! One of those suckers and that chocolate bar is going to Nashville with me. THANK YOU SO MUCH, MEREDITH!

We are going down Wednesday to spend the night since the trip so hard on both Mom and I. I need to get things done such as packing, paying bills, gathering crochet and cross stitch projects to keep me busy and other various items as the pop in my head. I have a list and I'm slowly marking things off.

So I will be back after the surgery to let you know how things went. I've not decided yet whether I'm taking my laptop with me or not. If I don't, I will be by to visit when I'm back home. Thank you all again for your comments. Please remember us on Thursday.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

So the Journey begins......

Before I go any further, I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all the sweet, kind, caring comments. You never know where your support will come from in times like these and we have wonderful family and friends who are there to lean on, but you, my bloggy friends, have touched my heart and made me cry and smile with your comments. For you who are dealing with or have dealt with the same or similar situations with your parents, please know that you are in my prayers. Friends mean so much, especially at times like these, and you all mean so very, very much to me.

So we begin...

Monday, March 17, Mom had an appointment in Nashville, TN, at Vanderbilt Hospital for 9 AM. She was scheduled to see an otolaryngologist (what a big word). Wikipedia describes this medical professional as an ENT-surgical doctor and states that it is the oldest medical speciality in the US. We were treated with such courtesy and compasssion while there but the most compassionate person cannot blunt the shock of what has to be done. Dr. Mannion did examine Mom and there was a screen where I could watch the camera scope as he took pictures and looked all around her nasal cavity. I have to admit, it was interesting and really didn't bother me as I thought it would. I was able to see the tumor but I couldn't tell where it was exactly other than it is in her nasal cavity. It was hard to tell where he was looking. After the examination, he talked with us about the options and about what she is facing. His recommendation for a cure, a cancer free life, was surgery to remove the tumor and adjoining area to make sure everything is taken and nothing is left to cause problems later. The tumor has broken through the narrow bone between the sinus cavity and the eye and has invaded the muscle there. I can't tell you how hard that announcement was. It is very hard to comfort someone when you, yourself, are falling apart. Dr. Mannion sat and waited and touched Mom gently and we got through it but oh, how hard it was.

After this visit, we were told that we had appointments with 2 other doctors which we didn't know when we went down. Apparently, his office had scheduled these and set them up so we could see everyone that day and save another trip down. Nashville is about 200 miles west of us and it takes around 3-1/2 to 4 hours driving time. Mom was still weak and having trouble walking so my sister, Mom and I went down on Sunday so we could have time to rest before the doctor appointment on Monday. It would have been much too hard on Mom to try to do it all in one day and after we found that we would be seeing 3 doctors in total, I was so glad we had made that decision.

The next appointment, at 10 AM, was with the radiation doctor, Dr. Cmelak. Luckily we were told we could call me Dr. C. Vanderbilt is a HUGE place. We had to walk across the street (luckily on a sky walk) and then down this long, long, long hall. Thank goodness we had borrowed a wheel chair for Mom. She would never have made it if she had had to walk all that way. As it was, we ended up at the wrong elevators and a super nice young lady, after finding out who we were trying to find, took us into his area through the back way and stayed with us to make sure that's where we were suppose to be before she left us. Like I said, super nice people. Dr. C's assisant came in and talked to us and explained about radiation and how it is done. She also explained the side effects and what we could expect if Mom chose that option for treatment. Dr. C, however, told Mom that he didn't feel radiation alone would get rid of the tumor and could do damage to other areas. He told her the best option was surgery and that they were going to get her to 99. She said she wanted to live to be 100 so she could get on the jelly jar. This perplexed Dr. C as neither of us could remember the name of the man who does the "Smuckers Jelly" 100 year old shout outs. He is Willard Scott, a long time weather person on NBC's Today show. Now, once a week, he annouces birthdays of people who have made it 100 years old. Radiation seems so harsh and the side effects are awful but, when if it's your only course of action to rid yourself of this beastly disease, I believe I would jump at the chance. So at this point, we had two opinions that surgery was the best option.

The next appointment, with Dr. Murphy in chemotherapy, was scheduled for 4 PM and we couldn't get in any sooner. So we decided to get away from the hospital for a while and have lunch. Thank goodness, my daughter Abby and sweet baby James had come to be with us for these appointments. She lives close to Nashville and knew a good place for lunch. We all went to Noshville, a deli type restaurant and the food was delicious. Bless James' heart, he was such a cut up and such a delight. He kept all of us smiling. When they brought our food out and set my plate down, he grabbed a french fry off it and grinned. He did eat the french fry so I put 2 or 3 on his little plate for him. He politely put them back on my plate and continued eating them from there. :)  This child makes my heart smile and he was just what we needed at that point. He is such a good baby and so happy most of the time. He really enjoyed flirting with the waitresses and getting pick at by everyone. Abby and James had been with us since the first appointment and now it was nearly 2:30 and he was getting tired and sleepy so she decided to go home and let him have a nap. She sent me a picture of him cuddled up in a blanket sleeping on her chest.

At our last appointment with Dr. Murphy, we were told a lot of what the reports said. She took her time and explained a lot of what was being said. We had been told by the Morristown ENT that the pathology showed that the tumor was melanoma. However, Dr. Murphy said it was carcinoma, which is confusing but I trust the Vanderbilt doctors since this is what they deal with everyday. They were going to order copies of the CT scans and the slides of the biopsy to help make a better determination of exactly what kind of cancer it is. I asked about the stage because I have always heard that the stage determines the treatment. Dr. Mannion said at this point the stage wasn't important, it was just a number. He said if he had to stage it, he would say stage 4. The most important thing is that it is an agressvive form of cancer and hopefully, it was caught early and hasn't spread anywhere. There is no indication that it has spread except a suspect lymph node in Mom's neck which they will remove and examine at surgery. It bothered me that I wasn't told to get the CT scans along with the MRI and PET scans to take down. All I had was the MRI and PET scan but we were told they would get them.

There will be a cancer team meeting this coming Monday, 3/24, and these 3 doctors will get together and discuss further about the options. Then they will let us know when Mom's next appointment will be. One of the good things is that Mom has been healthy for much of her life. She only takes a BP pill and other than some back pain and arthritis, she is very healthy for 82.

As she and I were waiting for my sister to get the car and pick us up after the last appointment, she told me she had decided to have the surgery. She said she had had all day to think about it and about the options and she felt that having the surgery was the best way to defeat the cancer. I had told her I would stick by whatever her decision would be because it really is her life and she is lucid and aware and can very well make her own decisions regarding this.

I saw Mom yesterday and spent the afternoon with her and she seemed more her old self than she has in a long while. She had been dealing with this blockage which was thought to be a sinus infection since before Christmas and now dealing with the prospects of surgery, I wasn't sure how she would be, but Mom is a positive person and tries to always look on the brighter side of things. She has been my rock so many times and has kept me looking toward the bright side. I know that frame of mind will help her deal with all this. That is not to say that there won't be meltdowns. There will be and it is expected, but as Dr. Murphy said, "Allow yourself the meltdown and eat chocolate"! Sounds like good advice to me.

I will close now. Again thank you for all your kind, caring comments. I love you all, my bloggy friends. I'm sorry if this seems rambling, but my mind is still trying to wrap itself around all this.

Thought I would leave you with the photo that has been putting a smile on my face this week.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014


This is going to be a very hard post to write. As I reported in my last post, my Mom had surgery last Thursday on her sinuses. She has been having trouble with infection and nose polyps for 2 months. Thank you for the good wishes. I truly appreciate them.

She came through the surgery fine. The ENT did a biopsy on the polyps and cleared the infection and other gunk out and she woke up happy. She could breathe again and didn't have any thing blocking her nose. However, when the doctor came out to talk to me, he told me he found cancer in her sinus cavity. I was not expecting anything like that. I knew she was blocked and her face was swollen, but I thought once he had cleared all the infection that things would be fine. I hadn't even realized that he would be doing a biopsy. This totally wrecked me for a few moments. My sister had to leave before the end of surgery to go back to Knoxville for a meeting and the only one there with me was my Mom's best friend. I had been trying to get her to go home because she's not in great health herself but she wouldn't leave me. I am so very, very glad she was there. I don't think I could have gotten it together before seeing Mom if she hadn't been there to hug me.

I didn't know how much Mom knew about what had been found but decided I would follow her lead. She was drinking Sprite and eating a popsicle which I saw her in recovery and was ready to come home. She had some bleeding from her nose when she got dressed but we were told that was normal and would happen a few times, especially when she leaned forward. She knew about the biopsy but nothing else.

I kept this to myself all weekend. I had told my sister and my husband and of course, Mom's best friend knew but I didn't tell anyone else. Mom didn't give me any indication that she might have any ideas about anything so I waited.

Today, I took her for her post-op appointment. The doctor told her that he found the cancer and that, more than likely, it was malignant. The tests have not come back conclusively yet, but the only thing that hasn't been determined is the stage. He told her she would need an MRI, PET and would need to go to Vanderbilt Cancer Center in Nashville, TN, to see an ENT oncologist. She said she stopped listening after Vanderbilt. She has been extremely weak and using a walker to get around so after he finished talking to her and doing a rinse out of her nose, I took her to the waiting room and went back to make her appointments. There was a delay in getting through to Vanderbilt so the girl trying to make the appointments told me she would call me with the information later.

After I got Mom home and settled, I told her I had known since Thursday and apologized that I hadn't said anything but she told me she was glad I had kept it to myself. She didn't have to think about it over the weekend.

My Mom has always been healthy and has seldom even had to visit the doctor. Of course, as she has aged, she has had more visits but at 82, she is still very healthy. There are no indications as to where this cancer comes from but is usually seen in workers who have worked around certain chemicals and woodworkers. However, there is no known cause. It is a rare cancer with only about 2,000 cases diagnosed in the US each year. The average age is 64. As you can tell, I've been doing a lot of Googling and trying to find out as much as I can.

So now, we start the process of testing and planning a treatment program. Please remember Mom. She is a strong woman and has always been able to comfort me no matter what has happened to me but now the tables are turned and we (my sister and I) are the ones who need to do the comforting and the care. She has always been my role model for being a mother. There are going to be some rough times ahead. I hope I can be strong for her and help her face this.


Monday, February 24, 2014

The Month That Got Away

Wow, what a month February has been! I've sat down several times to do a post only to get up and do something else and forget. This has been a month of snow, cold, birthdays and more birthdays. It has been a busy month.

I am going to try to remember everything that happened this month, but I know I will forget something. Here goes.

Snow, snow and more snow. We have had our share of snow this winter. There has been several inches of snow around here this year. We really haven't had much snow in the past few years and it has been kind of nice except it's cold! I'm not a big fan of cold weather and we have had that in spades. It actually was warmer when it snowed than earlier in the month. I took these photos of the last snow.

Love the animation!  I hope you can see it. I made these with my phone. The first one was at the start and the second was about an hour later. We ended up with about 7" of snow total. Unlike the earlier snow in January, there was no ice underneath this one.

Birthdays. We had 4 birthdays in one week. Sweet Baby James turned 1 on Sunday, 2/9. We went down for his birthday party and he was a trooper. He is such a sweet little guy and so easy going most of the time. His Mom and Dad decided to have his party at a local pizza place and the food was really good. Abby made the cake and ummmmmm, delicious.

Papaw Braxton, Grampa Grainger, James and Daddy (Doug)


I couldn't resist putting this one in. I look like I'm ready to dive head-first into the cake.

Grammy Braxton, Mama (Abby) and James

Getty the cake ready. Mama had a bit of a cry. :)

James fed Mama ice cream. Notice his mouth? He opened it like that for each bite he fed her. :)

Everyone liked his gifts. He was a little bit overwhelmed.


Sweet Baby James - 1 year old!!

Elijah also had a birthday. He turned 2 on Monday, 2/10. I only have this photo of a few days after.

Elijah and his Daddy (my son, Doug)

Elijah being silly and crawling backwards on the road.

Then there was my daughter, Abby's birthday. Her birthday was Wednesday, 2/12 and my birthday was Thursday, 2/13. Whew! We were birthdayed out by Friday. It was a quiet weekend. I had said earlier in the week that I really wanted a good cheeseburger, so Friday we went to Cook-Out and had a great cheeseburger and fries. I have to say it was a great burger, not as greasy as some and it did have the cooked on a grill taste. May have to go back.

The crafting front has been a bit of hit and miss lately. I have been working steadily on dishcloths and giving them away. I've also started on a scarf for a young man as a surprise. Of course by the time I get it done, he won't need it but there's always the fall and winter to come. We made a day trip to North Carolina a week ago Saturday. It was a good day for it except for the wind. We have to cross the mountains to get to NC and the wind was stiff. We went almost to the South Carolina border to get some tires my husband wanted for his home built tractor. Then coming back through Asheville, we stopped at Jo-Ann's. I needed some more crochet hooks. I have trouble using the regular hooks. It hurts my hand to crochet with them but I discovered ones with a built up section that fits comfortably so I can crochet with less pain, not without pain but less. As usual, the Hubs was being silly in the store. He likes to try to embarrass me but he should know that after 42 years, that ain't gonna happen often. We were looking at the hooks (and there wasn't a great selection - they were having a 25% off sale) and I couldn't find the size I wanted. He made some comment, I can't even remember what it was but I know it was silly. I just shook my head and moved on. Another lady was standing there looking at him and then she looked at me and said, "Does he always do this?" I said, "Yep. I just humor him and keep moving". She laughed.  He finally wandered off looking around and I was able to get some more dish cloth yarn. He is a hoot in a store most of the time. The cashiers, for the most part, go along with him and have a good time. 

I found this on Facebook the other day. I think it works, don't you?

So there is my month.  My Mom is having surgery on Thursday so please keep her in your thoughts. She is 82 and has been battling a sinus infection and nose polyps for almost 2 months. She is having surgery to remove the nose polyps. I am concerned because she hasn't been sleeping or eating very well and surgery at her age is always a matter of concern.

As always, thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a great week where ever you might be.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

FOUND IT!!!!!!

Yay, I found the charger.

The weather today is cold and snowy. Right now (12:45 PM EST) it is 17 F and snowing. The roads are covered and the forecast is for snow the rest of the day. Brrrrr! Actually, it's not as brrrrr as last week when it was 10 F and windy. The soft falling snow is pretty but that may be because I don't have to go out in it. One of the perks of being retired.  :)

The first 3 pics were made this morning about 10. It had been snowing about an hour by then. In the 4th pic, there is a cardinal on the tree branch above the feeder. Kind of hard to see. At one point, I counted 7 cardinals both in the tree and on the ground. Such a happy bright color against the snow. The last 4 pics were taken around 12 noon. Looks like we are going to get a pretty good snowfall.

As I said, I found the charger and I did photograph the dishcloths and the yarn I still have to work up. There are some crazy colors in the mix but I'm really enjoying working on them. They are sort of instant gratification for me since I can usually do one in 2-3 days. Sam, the pattern I used is from Heather at The Good Life. If you click on Heather, it should take you to the pattern. I did change it somewhat. I used an F hook instead of an H and I am now starting the pattern right away instead of sc in the first row. I also did the border with sc for both rows. I don't do reverse sc very well. I worked the dishcloth until it was even diagonally and then started the border. So since you guys were so nice to ask to see the photos, here ya go:

The color on the third dishcloth is a purple/green variation. I'm liking it. I wasn't fond of the really bright one until I got it finished and now I like it. What do ya'll think?

And finally, my sewing corner. Well, not really a sewing corner, more of a small place in the bedroom but I'm happy. I haven't gotten to use it yet but I'm hoping that since today is a slow, lazy day, I'll be able to get in there and at least, zig zag the edge of the cross stitch project I'm wanting to start. As I said in the last post, that's my Mom's cabinet sewing machine that my little one is sitting on.

I don't know what is really going on with me. The past few days, I've had more get up and go. I'm even getting up earlier and finding that I have more time to craft and read. Imagine that! I'm such a lazy person on the whole that getting up early has always been a struggle for me. But I'm FINALLY using the C-Pap all night (at least 6 hours and most nights 7-8), I feel better in the mornings and more ready to get up and start my day. Now if I could just find something that made the RA pain go away, I'd be in heaven.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are. Please comment if you so choose. I love to hear from you.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Well, that promise didn't last long. I wanted to do a post at least once a week but here it is 2 weeks since my last post. Hmmmm.

The cold weather the week of 1/6 really got to me and I didn't do much of anything most of that week. We did have some warmer weather last week and I've been busy doing year end reports for the couple of businesses I help out. I'm retired but I still like to do some bookkeeping to keep my mind sharp and these guys are great to work with. One of them has been with me since I opened my business in 1986. When I retired and decided to close down, he practically begged me to keep doing his books. So I agreed. I don't collect any money but he does help me out now and then. The other is a non-profit and again, I don't collect any money but they do such great work, I gladly kept doing their books. They provide a home for mature mentally handicapped men. Some of these guys have no one left in their families and would have nowhere to go.

Anyway, that has kept me busy all last week and now it is cold again with temperatures dipping down into the single digits tonight and only getting into the teens tomorrow. I had planned to make a bank deposit tomorrow but I think I'll stay in and try to stay warm. These ole bones are complaining enough without going out and exposing them to the really bad weather.

I have been trying to rearrange some furniture to make things more comfortable. Rather, I have had the Hubs rearranging. I'm still not sure what I want to do in the living room so all the furniture is sort of sitting helter skelter. I'm living with it until I decide how I want to place everything. Over Christmas, we moved my recliner closer to the TV to make room for the tree and I discovered I could see much clearer. Well, being closer and also watching the HD channels, so I really don't want to move my chair back but that causes a problem with conversation because the chair is more toward the middle of the room and and facing away from the other pieces. I'll figure it out but it may take a while.

I also had him moving things Sunday afternoon. I have my Mom's old cabinet style sewing machine. I have a portable sewing machine but I hate having to get it out and set it up and then having to take it back down because it is normally in the way of meals or work. So I asked that the cabinet machine be moved into the bedroom and my portable placed on top. PERFECT! It sits between the door and the closet and there is an outlet easily available under. Now when I want to sew (and I have several things to do, not the least of which is a bottom sheet that split leaving a long gash at the foot), all I have to do is take the cover off and get busy. I also like to zig-zag around the edges of my cross stitch projects to help with fraying and I have lots of projects to work on.

We have finally given in and bought a new dishwasher. I wanted hoped the old one would last a few more months but it's not really doing a good job on cleaning and makes a really horrible noise when it's changing between cycles. I keep expecting to walk in the kitchen and see water everywhere. So we ordered one online to be delivered to the Lowe's store and Hubby picked it up today. It will be the weekend before he will have time to install it but that's okay. I'm probably not going to be doing a lot of cooking between now and then anyway.

I have been crocheting dishcloths. This is my new passion. They are easy to make and use only one ball of cotton yarn. I have bought wild variegated colors and it is interesting how they turn out. I need to take photos and will when I charge the battery on my camera. (First I have to find the charger!  One of those "I put it up so I would know where it was" deals. *smile*) I'm having a lot of trouble with my right hand and can only crochet for a short amount of time but several of those short amounts of time will produce a dishcloth in a couple of days. It's annoying because before this damage to my hand, I would have been able to make one in a couple of hours. But I can still use my hand, so I am grateful. When I saw my rheumatologist last week, she suggested I see a hand specialist about it. I'm going to talk to my orthopedist when I see him in February and see what he says. I think there is a hand specialist in his practice so maybe I can kill two birds with one stone.

Sweet Baby James will be a year old in 2-1/2 weeks. It hard to believe it's here already. He is such a delight. He's walking now. His Mom and I Skyped today and he was all grins when I popped up on the screen. He makes my heart smile. We clapped hands and squealed and bobbed our heads together. Oh my goodness, is there anything better than a grandchild?!?!?!

Sorry for the word heavy post. As soon as the camera gets charged, I'll start snapping photos again.

Thanks for stopping by. I love having you here and love hearing what you have to say. Have a great day/night wherever you are.