Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My very first post.

I have been thinking about doing this for quite a while. I'm still not sure that I will have anything of value to say or anything that might interest anyone.

I guess the first thing I should do is introduce myself. I am a 61 year old wife, mother and grandmother. I have 2 wonderful children and 3 sweet grandbabies (2 girls and a boy) with a fourth one on the way.

I enjoy reading, crocheting, counted cross stitch, and read blogs. I am the queen of procrastination so I don't always get projects done in a timely matter but I finally will have a finished product. I have lots of WIP's.

I chose the name of my blog because I like to sit in my porch swing and watch the world go by. It is a comfortable place to sit and read or do a little crocheting or just sit and let my mind wander.  A few years ago, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and some days, letting my mind wander is about all I can do.

I look forward to using this blog to record my thoughts and to let others know what's going on in my life. I hope you will enjoy my blog and find it interesting enough to check in on once in a while.

Thanks for taking the time to visit today.



  1. Hey! I'm glad you've started your blog! I'm looking forward to reading it on a regular basis :)

  2. Hello Sharon,
    I'm already enjoying it....great to have you here in blog land :-)
    Just one weeny thing you need the Goggle Friend connect gadget on your blog so I and others can become followers.
    Have sent you an email.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. thank you so much. I have added the Follower gadget and the list of some of the blogs I am following. Thanks, Amanda, for your help. I'm sure I'll be calling on you again.

  4. Congratulations! I'm honored to be one of your first followers of many I'm sure! You go girl!

  5. Sound like my kind of people... hello, looking forward to reading more. x