Saturday, July 28, 2012


I watched the Olympic opening ceremonies last night and was totally, completely involved. I believe this is the best opening ceremony I have ever viewed. The simplicity and the elegance was amazing. And I loved the clip of the Queen and Bond in the helicopter. London, you have done the games proud! Looking forward to watching many events in your lovely city.

Thursday, I finally made it to the front porch for a little reading. There was a breeze and the gentle swaying of the swing was just what I needed to relax and let go. There was a storm brewing and I sat on watching the clouds gather and the rain fall. I felt so at peace sitting there watching the rain, occasionally reading a page on my Kindle and watching my silly dog move from the porch out into the rain. I think he needed the welcomed relief also.

Unfortunately, I didn't get started on my crocheting last night. I want to take a picture of all the yarn first so I can do a progress report on my baby blanket. Have I mentioned that I am the "Queen of Procrastination"? I did do a little cross stitching but I got so wrapped up in the ceremonies that I ended up just watching.

Today has started off slow but I'm going to try to get the pictures today and start on this blanket tonight. Jellybean will be here in January and if I don't get a move on, there won't be a warm, crocheted blanket from Grammy to wrap up in. So I'm off to watch the cycling road race which I recorded (thank goodness for DVR's - 5 AM is a little too early for me) and do some laundry.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day wherever you are.



  1. I have faith that Jellybean will have a warm crocheted blanket from Grammy to wrap up in when he or she is born :)

  2. Weren't they brilliant, so many different things put together so well, I felt very proud :)

  3. We have had the Olympic events on pretty much continuously here this weekend ... it's so nice to have them in our own time zone for once!

    I'm sure you'll get that blanket done with plenty of time to spare :D

  4. I too LOVED the Opening Ceremonies! They really did themselves proud in the U.K.! I too had to just sit and watch and drop the needlework! LOL!
    Oh, a January baby! I'm a January/Capricorn as was my Mother and one of my sons. You'll get that blanket done in plenty of time. Take care!