Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just so you know, I'm still around. I've been having some personal issues and dealing with some things.  It is nothing serious, just a state of mind that I'm working through. I'm also having to deal with a contrary desk top computer, the same one that had to go to the computer hospital in February. It seems determined to drive me out of my ever-lovin' mind and it's doing a far more successful job than I care to admit.

I've been having some pain issues which is nothing new but it's starting to wear me down and that's working on my mind and making me feel hopeless. I'm not someone who lets things get to her. I usually am a happy person and can almost always see the bright side of things but this is starting to become a tiresome life. I don't have any energy and can't seem to wrap my head around getting things done. I sleep waaayyyy too much but don't want to get up. I have 4 doctor's appointments over the next couple of weeks and I'm sure I will be talking to at least one of them about the energy thing. The pain is something that is what it is. Some days worse, other days better but all in all, the pain is there all the time. RA is a suckky disease! I get angry at my body because it won't or can't do something I really want to do and then I feel bad, because really, my body didn't do this to me on purpose.

I have not been very productive on the crafty front and photos seem out of my reach at the moment. I let my camera battery die and missed some great opportunities. The battery is charged now but I have very little interest in taking photos. In fact, I have very little interest in doing much of anything. I did work on Jordan's blanket tonight after cleaning up several bags of yarn and organizing it a bit. By organizing, I mean I took it out of the plastic bags from Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart and put it in a tote bag. But hey, it's off the table and not staring at me. As I said, I did work on Jordan's blanket tonight. I'm trying to do a certain number of rows each time I sit down with it and was going along very well until the yarn got all snarled up. I don't roll my yarn into balls. I just work with it from the skein either with the inside pull or the outside end. Everything was going well and then suddenly, I had two ends coming out of the inside and tangling with each other. I stopped, straightened it out and went back to crocheting but the two ends kept getting tangled and making it hard to get anything done. I finally gave up, pulled up a long loop and cut the yarn so I could tie on later. Then I proceeded to detangle that stupid skein for the next 2 hours. It's rolled into two balls now (I had to cut the yarn again because of another awful snarl) and I will be back to crocheting tomorrow. That is unless I beat up the desk top computer and hurt my hands.

I have to make adjustments so that I can do the non-profits I help out. I will be loading some software on my lap top (something I vowed I wasn't going to do as this is my play and blogging computer) and trying to muddle along until the desk top is repaired. It's going back to the computer hospital and I certainly hope it is repairable. I can't afford to buy a new one right now. But we shall see. Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet.

Well, this turned out to be longer than I meant. It really feels good to talk to you, my bloggy friends. I do want to say that I thank you for your comments and your emails. They have meant a lot to me this past week and I fell so lucky to have all of you in my life. Maybe it's the rain, maybe it's the pain but something will give sooner or later and I will be back to my normal goofy self. The older I get, the less I like interruptions to my day to day life. I need to learn to be like a duck! Gotta let it roll off my back. :)  Right, Abby???

Take care friends and I promise that soon I will have a good post with lots and lots of photos and crafty stuff. Thank you again for being a part of my life.



  1. Poor you.Hope you are soon back to your normal self, cheerful and relatively pain free Sharon. Sending love and hugs your way XX

  2. Hope you pick up soon - chronic pain is so hard to cope with x

  3. Take care sweetie, hope things are better soon for you :) x

  4. It is always good to hear from you, no matter what is going on. Some days, weeks and/or months are just hard and dealing with chronic pain is just plain awful. It takes so much energy just to "be" wonder a body wants to sleep and rest all of the time.
    When you care about someone, you want to know how they are doing. I would wish everything to be fine and good with you, but even when it's not, you are loved and the concerns for you lie in my heart and I want you to know that.

  5. Golly, Sharon, I'm so sorry to hear that you're having a rough time. Chronic pain is very tiring. And maybe there's a little depression going on too - very understandable if so! I say sleep as much as you need to right now.

    Good for you for tackling that yarn barf - one of the most annoying things in the world! Detangling yarn is sure a good patience builder, but who wants their patience exercised in that way? :)

    I do hope things will get better soon and that you'll be feeling a little happier and craftier and more comfortable all over. Know that we are thinking of you and praying for you. Sending you virtual hugs!

  6. Hello Sharon

    So very sorry to hear you are not feeling so good.I'm a wimp where pain is concerned and it scares me! It seems to me you hold up better than I would ever be able to.
    There isn't much I can say that can help you but just to let you know that I'd like to be able to pop over for a cuppa tea,chat awhile of anything or nothing or just sit a while on your porch and be there. Sometimes presence is enough!


    Amanda xx

  7. Hi, Sharon. Your description of your yarn tangle and that two tail part in particular is familiar to me! And your reflections on how you are feeling and thinking are familiar to me as well. While our circumstances are not exactly the same, I absolutely appreciate the tired tangle you are struggling with and join your other bloggy friends in sending you hugs of encouragement as you get life sorted out, and I am asking God to bless you and yours, too.