Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

What a wonderful Christmas I had this year! Our family all met at my sister's house for Christmas, well, everyone except Abby and Doug. They had decided not to travel for Christmas as the baby is due in a little over a month so we had a skype session with them! Having 3 grandbabies in the house made this Christmas extra special and next year we will have 4. I can't wait!!!!!!

I was met at the door by my two year old granddaughter. She followed me to the tree and when I put my packages down, she wrapped her arms around my legs and gave me a BIG hug. Oh my, I was beaming from head to toe! Lilly has not been that affectionate before, but she's starting to come into her personality and she's just adorable. She is talking quite a bit, not always understandable but still, she knows what she means. Ella is 4 now and I got a big hug from her also but she was more interested in playing with my niece. She's a BIG GIRL now. :)

Lilly was fascinated with my sister's nativity scene. She liked moving the animals and baby Jesus around and turning the crank so the music would play. Eli was all over the place crawling and pulling up. I tell you, it was a fantastic Christmas!

 Elijah gets some refreshment before the gift opening begins.
 My niece, Emalee, my son Doug and my DIL, Trisha. Elijah attacking a package.
Lilly opening her Doc McStuffins doctor kit. This was a big hit with both her and Ella. 
 Elijha liked the paper.
Elijah is all boy already. He loves trucks. 
 Elijah and Lilly
 We got Lilly a Minnie Mouse Doll. She is all about Minnie Mouse. I think she liked it.
 Doug opening his bow ties.
 Trisha and Elijah
 Sweet baby boy Elijah.

 B-I-L Donat, son Doug, Elijah and Ella. I got very few photos of Ella; she moved around too much.
Finally, Ella.

We had a wonderful meal, wonderful gifts and a wonderful time. Abby and Doug (sil) opened their gifts while on Skype. The adults, with the exception of my mother, draw names each year and then we all buy for the kids. 

The Hubs and I had a quiet Christmas together on Christmas Day. We opened our gifts after breakfast. I was going to make pancakes for breakfast but the Hubs said he was still full from Monday night. I made a huge pot of beef stew on Monday. It was so good since the weather was cold and windy. 

The Hubs is not an easy man to buy for. I bought him 2 bgs of pistachios and a kitchen scale. It turned out to be too small so I will be returning it and buying a bigger one. I also ordered him a couple more things Christmas night when he finally gave me some ideas. He's not a big gift person and really doesn't like to ask for things so getting ideas from him can be tricky.

When I gave him my list earlier in the month, he wasn't too happy with it. I asked for pj's, a robe and houseshoes or moccasins. He doesn't like to buy clothes for me now because I have such a hard time finding things that fit and feel good. I also had put gift cards or gift certificates on my list. The man does not like to give GC's. He doesn't like to get them, either. I adore them but he just has no use for them. So I wracked my brain trying to come up with things he could get me. 

I finally had a bright idea. I stopped by my local cross stitch shop and picked out 7 or 8 charts that I had been looking at. I explained to the owner (who thankfully is a great friend, also) that I wanted to spend X dollars and that of those charts, any would be fine. With certain charts, I asked her to add fabric and with others, I was happy with just the chart. I told her I was going to go run some more errands and that I would be back in an hour if that would be enough time. I also told her to be sure to close the bag tightly so I couldn't see what was inside. After an hour, I went back by and picked up my Christmas present. When my husband got home that night, I told him his present to me was on the bed. He was puzzled until I explained what I had done. He loved it. He said that was the easiest shopping he had ever done! Men was something, aren't they? 

Christmas Eve, he disappeared into the basement for a while. I heard the saw running and scraping and such but since he had gotten a digital saw gauge for Christmas at my sister's, I figured he was just playing around. Christmas morning when we went into the living room to open gifts, there, under the tree, was a french rolling pin. He had made and shaped it the night before. I was thrilled. I haven't had a rolling pin for several years as the one I had kept falling apart and I finally threw it away. I love my new rolling pin, handmade by my sweet Hubby. He can still surprise me after 40 years.

Below is what I got at our family Christmas on Saturday. I found this book on Amazon after seeing a post about it on Facebook. It really does have some great recipes but it is hilariously funny to read. :)


I wanted something to do Christmas Eve and Christmas night, so I started the sorting bowls by Kimberly at Seriouly Daisies. I've wanted to make these for a while and they are so easy to do. I started with the smallest bowl and I'm using the leftover yarn from Jellybean's blanket so they will be bright colors. I'm making 3 sets, one for the GA grandkids, one for Jellybean and one for the little boy across the street who is my "Morristown grandson". 

And finally, Jellybean's blanket has made it way to Mt Juliet to await the arrival of my fourth grandchild. Abby posted this photo on Facebook:
Soft cats, cows and bears snuggled under the blanket patiently waiting for Jellybean.

One more thing, Amanda at Crafty in the Med is having a giveaway to celebrate 
her 100th post. Do drop over and visit and sign up. What hooky fan wouldn't want this book?????

As always, thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day/night wherever you might be.



  1. Hello Sharon
    Many thanks for adding a link to my giveaway on your blog. I also would like to thank you for your good wishes and lovely comments on my previous post I greatly appreciate that.
    On reading this very interesting post of yours I believe your husband coincides with mine where presents are concerned. My husband is terrible to buy for, his ambition in life is to have his sock stash constantly full......such a boring gift year after year or otherwise a Disney DVD but he has everyone under the sun now! As luck would have it he lost his RayBan sunglasses back in October and as they are a bit costly I managed to convince him to wait until the Jan sales. That gave me time to save a little and get them for him for Christmas. My strategy where my gifts are concerned is to leave pictures on the fridge door and the name of the shop scribbled on it and then its up to him. However I like your idea too. What a great time you have had celebrating with your family.....the camera never lies....I can see in those lovely photos you've posted you and your family were having a wonderful time together.


    Amanda :-)

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Your husband is great- making you a rolling pin - what a great idea!! Love the cross stitch idea too! Got to check out that chicken book, what a crack up!

  3. Such a great visit with you, Sharon. Thanks for taking the time to post! I especially enjoyed the pictures of the little ones in your family. They are precious and I am so glad young and old had a happy time together! Your gift giving adventures with you husband made me chuckle, and I loved that in the end your husband was able to happily surprise you:) We had a lovely day yesterday, including face time visiting with my two sons who had gotten together in NY. Technology can be so wonderful! xx from Gracie

  4. You had a lovely family Time! :-)

    I've long ago gotten into the habit of picking out gifts for me from him. ,-) So much easier, all round. But he just loves getting things, so he usually adds some, of his own idea. :-)

    He doesn't care for giving gift certificates either, but when we have a 14 years old Granddaughter who WANTS them, he folds. -grin-

  5. Snicker...Elijah *attacking* a present! Love it! Made me smile. I am so glad you had a lovely Christmas!

  6. I was "brought in" by your blog title..sounds a bit like my sister and I'm a bit homesick.
    I really enjoyed your christmas post..again reminding me of christmases at "home".
    Thank you for sharing...

    TracyAnn from and

  7. What a wonderful Christmas - and that rolling pin! I can't think of a better gift. It's absolutely beautiful, and so sweet of Hubs to make it for you.

    We had a houseful of little ones too - great-nieces 5 and 3 years old, and a great-nephew of 18 months. They were great fun.

    I really like your creative way of shopping for yourself on behalf of Hubs. Mr. M and I didn't exchange gifts this year (though he did give me a cold I didn't ask for) but we got plenty of nice things from the people who drew our names.

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  8. It sounds like the perfect family Christmas Sharon!

    And I love the rolling pin ... clever fella your chap!

    Have a wonderful New Year m'dear :D