Monday, December 10, 2012

Hello, all my dear bloggy friends. I've been missing in action lately. I wish I could say it was because I was hooking and decorating and baking and all that, but alas, it's not been. I've been having some joint pain and dealing with being really cold. Our weather, up until today, has been very mild with temps in the uppers 60's and even low 70's some days. But I have been really, really cold. I've been wearing sweat pants and sweaters along with my socks and slippers. I can't seem to get warm. Today it has rained all day and the temps have been in the 50's but I've managed to stay comfortable. Go figure. I know that being anemic can cause you to be chillier than others and after the last doctor visit, my BC was low. Apparently, there is a possibility that my body isn't absorbing the iron I take everyday.

I finally got into the mood to clean the living room this weekend, boxing up and putting away all manner of mess. I have tended over the past several months, to just put my newly purchased yarn or cross stitch supplies in one spot and they have piled up. Bags, shopping totes, charts, books, etc. On the other side of the room were boxes from my in-laws' home which my sister-in-law wanted us to go through. There were boxes of material, crocheted doilies, yarn, photos, and lots of other things. I have managed to go through everything but it was still sitting in boxes and needed to be gathered together in one spot and stored away. All of that had to be done before I could even think about where the tree would go. So I worked and worked and worked and got everything put away or stored away. It feels so good to have everything neat (well, sort of)

The chest behind the glider is a Christmas present from the Hubbs several years ago. He drew up plans and had a cabinet maker do the project. It looks like several drawers but is actually two drawers on top and then doors. Behind the doors are 3 more drawers, one very deep to hold all my books. I absolutely love it.

Also the cross stitch piece in the stitching frame is one my mother-in-law was working on when she passed away. As a family, we all decided not to finish it but to display it in her memory.

I talked the Hubbs into moving the sofa so the tree could go between the windows. AND the tree is up. It hasn't been fluffed yet which will have to be done before any lights or ornaments go on. Poor tree.

I've paid dearly today for all the shuffling I did on the weekend. Bad, bad back pain and shoulder pain. So no fluffing, no decoration, nil. Sometimes I feel I take one step forward and two back but at least I'm moving!

I also filled a photo frame my son and daughter-in-law gave me for Mother's Day this year. Speedy, I'm not but when I finally make my mind up, it does get done.

My goodness, what a rambling post. I guess I just had to get things written down tonight. Hopefully, I will soon be able to show you the decorated tree and all my snowmen. I still have presents to buy (just a few, thank goodness) and presents to wrap. I don't think there will be much, if any, baking. We neither one need the sweets.

I have so enjoyed seeing all your decorations and crafty things you are doing for Christmas. It has put me in the mood quicker than usual. Thank you, dear friends.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day wherever you might be.



  1. Now you know I know all about the two steps forward one step back thing ... look after yourself my friend! Sounds to me like you need some thermal underwear ;)

    Don't you just hate the fluffing out the tree part!

  2. Ahhhh, the stacking up of projects sounds soooo familiar, Sharon. Your living room looks very tidy even with the unfluffed tree, and I love the warm rasberry colors drawing the space together. I have been crocheting stars and wrapping packages to get in the mail. Peace and good health to you and yours! xx from Gracie

  3. I love a good sort out! Hope you are feeling better soon! :)