Saturday, December 15, 2012

The tragedy of today is beyond words. There is no making sense of this. Children lost their lives today along with adults charged with teaching and caring for them. Parents lost that special part of them that belong to their children. Right now, I am sad beyond words. There is nothing else to say except my thoughts and prayers are with those families who lost someone today.


  1. Hello Sharon
    Shocking shocking can this happen. I am so sad to hear so many families have lost their loved heart goes out to them all. How can someone go up against kiddies like that I am mystified why why and why.
    A great tragedy!!!

    Amanda :-)

  2. I've just listened to your President, what a sad and awful time, those poor souls. My thoughts are with their families x x x

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, concerning this horror... And how we need to go on. In both our views, we can not let the Darkness Of Spirit engulf us.

    And I think it is valid for we in Pretty Blog Land to wrap each other in gentle hugs, at this time. Comments are our form of hugs...