Wednesday, October 3, 2012

40 years!!!!!!!

On Saturday, October 6, the Hubs and I will have been married 40 years! Wow, I never imagined we would make it. So many people our age are either divorced or have lost a spouse. We are very lucky to still have each other and I have to say I am extremely lucky to have him in my life. The past few years have not been good to me. I have had several operations including two knee replacements and I was diagnosed with RA a few years back. He has been patient, kind, helpful, never complaining. If the day has been too long and I haven't managed to get anything ready for supper, he fixes himself something. If I am hurting or having an RA flare, he has been known to bring in my favorite ice cream. The Hubs isn't a demonstrative type; he is not touchy-feely but he lets me know in little ways how much he cares. We have a companionable comfort together that comes from our years together. We are so lucky to have 2 wonderful children who have amazing spouses and 3 grandchildren and another on the way. I am so completely blessed by this marriage and this man.

I commissioned Fee at Chipper Nelly to do some anniversary blocks for me. They arrived last Thursday and I am so very, very happy with them. They are gorgeous and so special. Fee and I had a giggle on the date as I am in the US and she is in Great Britain and the date is done in British style, but that makes it all the more charming to me. I have an original and I love it.

This past weekend, we had a visit from our daughter and son-in-law and Daisy the dog again. Son-in-law had some classes to attend on Tuesday and Wednesday in Knoxville (about 40 miles SW of us) so they came in on Saturday and spent the weekend and Monday with us. I love when they are here; they cook and they are both great cooks. They even clean the kitchen. Whoo Hoo! Abby went with Doug to Knoxville on Monday and Daisy dog stayed with us. Poor puppy. She loves her mommy so much, she is lost without her. She wasn't as mopey this time but she did spend a lot of time looking out the window. She was delirious today when Abby came back for her.

Fall is so thoroughly here. It has been cool both during the day and night for a couple of days but the temps are suppose to be going back up for the weekend. I've developed a cough along with itchy eyes and a dull headache. I've never had a problem with allergies before but something tells me that is what I'm dealing with. I so don't want to close my windows until I absolutely have to. Guess I need to go visit the pharmacist and see what OTC I can take that won't interfere with my other meds.

I have been working on Jellybean's baby blanket. I'm on the last row of the 3rd round of colors. I'm loving it. Abby is delighted with it. It is turning out so well and I'm loving the combination of colors and I haven't lost a bobble. *smile* What do you think?

These bright lively colors ought to make a baby happy, don't you think? Anyway, I do need help on the border. As I said earlier, I know how I want to do the border but I just don't know what color to use. I'm leaning toward something darker as the dark blue or the purple or maybe even black because the colors are so deep, I think a lighter color will work. Any suggestions would certainly be appreciated.

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  1. Happy Aniversary!!!!! I LOVE the blocks from Fee! Are they expensive? I wanted to ask her but she's an artist so you hate to talk money when it's such beautiful work she does. Isn't it neat to get to know such talented people on these blogs?
    Speaking of talented....look at you with your popcorn stitch! That's one of my YOP projects that I haven't even ordered the yarn for yet. I love that pattern! Yours is turning out especially gorgeous and that baby is going to be delighted with all the bright colors....heck....I'd be delighted with it!
    Again, Happy Anniversary....I only made it to 21 years, I shouldn't have stayed that long but I am not a quitter. My only regret is that I hadn't done it years before. Now I don't do weddings, funerals or marriage, no organized religion for me either although I am very spiritual and I don't dress up for anyone or anything. Happy as a lark am I but it's not for everyone this solitary life. Each to their own and whatever makes your heart sing! Enjoy each other!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Sharon! The blocks are lovely! And your bobble blanket is so pleasing in color and design. I have never tried the bobble stitch before, and I am trying to understand how better to combine colors for projects I want to do. I have a pack of Lucy yarn I am still experimenting with and enjoying the challenge (: Blessings on you and yours. xx from Gracie

  3. Congratulations on 40 years! You are a lucky couple indeed.
    Your blanket is just beautiful! I would go for red or blue on the border, my favorites!

  4. Wow 40 year! That SOME time, Congrats to you and wishing you both many such wonderful years ahead. Loved you blocks, especially the 'better together".
    Blanket is looking very cheerful. I would suggest a lighter border as it would really show off and highlight the colors used, also baby blankets look more cheerful if done in a lighter shade i feel. Waiting to see the end result :)

  5. Happy anniversary to both of you! What a sweet testimonial to your dear Hubs and the love you share. "Companionable comfort" is a wonderful thing. :)

    The blocks are amazing. Are those your parents? They all look very happy.

    The blanket is so cheerful and lively. I think the red or the bright blue would make a beautiful border.

  6. Hi Sharon, Happy anniversary to both of you ! It is really a lucky thing to be together for 40 years . Hope you will enjoy many more ahead:))

    I am your new follower from today! I get easily confused with colors and borders, but I feel a simple white colored border will enhance the other colors!

    Best wishes!!

  7. Happy Ruby Wedding x
    For some reason I can't see your photos - they won't load.

  8. Happy Anniversary, that's a great achievement! Love the blocks and blanket! Ada :)

  9. Happy Anniversary - a milestone indeed! Just hopped over from Crafty in the Med & happy to be your newest follower :-)
    Love those Chipper Nelly blocks and what a sweet crocheted blankie too. Have a happy Thursday,

  10. Happy Happy Anniversary Sharon.
    I do know how you feel as I celebrated my 40th anniversary (Ruby ) last June seams I just can't imagine my life without Sr P...we go so well together. Do so love those blocks you have received from Fee...think I should pop in and have another look at what she has in her shop its given me an idea :-)
    Have a fantastic anniversary

    Amanda xx

  11. Happy Anniversary. 40 years is a great milestone. It's lovely to hear how you talk about your hubbie. I can really see how much love there is there between you. I have Fibromyalgia myself and I don't know what I'd do without my Hubbie. He is always there to help out and will cook meals for us all when he comes home from work and takes care of the kids when I'm ill. Life in pain is terrible but is eased by love and support. We are definitely two lucky ladies!

  12. Hi Sharon hope you have a wonderful anniversary! What a great achievement.
    I love the blocks, I have never seen anything like that before and think its brilliant.

  13. Hello there!
    Just blog hopping from Amanda's blog and soo happy to find yours...
    I hope your anniversary was a beautiful day for you both.
    40 years is very special!
    I 'Love' those blocks from the very talented Fee!
    Happy Friday to you...
    loVe Maria x

  14. Hi Sharon, Congratulations to both of you on reaching 40!! May you have many more such lovely anniversaries. (We will be celebrating our 19th anniversary this December.) And that blanket is looking so cheery and bright.

  15. Happiest of anniversaries. Those blocks are just fantastic.
    I think your baby blanket is so cheerful and such a wonderful gift for that baby to be.

  16. Congratulations Sharon, 40 years, WOW!! love your blocks, the lovely Fee made some for me for a christening, they are lovely and unique xxx

  17. I missed this! Hugest congratulations to you and your husband on your 40 years Sharon!

    I guess I have the kind of marriage you describe. There's been as much sickness as health and a fair bit of 'for poorer', but I was 21 when we married and we just hit 31 years last month. I do hope we too can make it to 40 together :D