Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Safety Through the Storm

I hope everyone in the path of Sandy stays safe and dry. I don't know when I've seen such havoc by a storm this far north.

To all the police officers, firemen, first responders, power company workers and any one else who has to be out in this to protect others, be careful out there and be safe.



  1. I can only echo your comments....be safe! Suzy x

  2. I've been following it on the news as I have a friend in NY. We complain a lot in Britain about the weather, I believe we are known for it, but really, compared to so many places around the world, we have no room to complain at all.

  3. Seconded!

    From what little we're seeing in the UK it all looks a bit dire! I hate to think of anyone suffering as a result of the storm but I especially want to know that my family, friends and blog friends on the East Coast are safe and well.

  4. Hello Sharon

    Very glad to hear you are fine. Its very scary what one hears on the news and the scenes are devastating. I've been wondering about all my followers in the States....I know they say the East Coast was what had been worst hit but I wondered if you would get a whiplash from Sandy all the same. Glad that is not so.
    Great to hear too that your inhaler is helping.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)