Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WIP and health update

Hello, dear friends. These past few days have been busy. Unfortunately, not a lot has gotten done on the crafty front but I have been able to catch up on some other work. After I retired from almost 25 years of bookkeeping and running my own business, I continued to help a couple of non-profit corporations here in town pro bono. I enjoy having something to do and since bookkeeping seems to be my forte, it made sense to help them out if I could. However, feeling sick and tired all the time made me consider giving it up entirely. It's really hard to stay on top of things and get reports out as due when you just don't feel like doing anything at all. But I am happy to say that the inhaler is working its magic and I'm feeling much, much better.

I didn't realize how much I was struggling to get air in until I started using the inhaler and suddenly, I was breathing much easier and not feeling as tired all the time. Amazing! I just didn't know how bad it was, but it is soooooo good to be able to walk to the mailbox and back without having to gasp for air. I've even managed to do a little housework (not that I'm all that eager for that) and not had to struggle. I still get tired easily but that's because I also have other health issues. I don't like to talk about my health issues much because I don't want to be a victim. I feel that life is what you make it and as long as I can laugh and see the up side of life, I will be okay. I'm easily entertained so laughing isn't much of a problem. The last couple of months have been hard to keep that upbeat attitude, but it has helped most days.

Onto other things. We had some really good beef stew on Sunday. I have been wanting some good hearty stew for a couple of weeks but haven't felt like taking the time to get it going. I was not as pleased with this batch as I normally am. It lacked something. I will have to tweak and try again. I also decided that I wanted crescent rolls with the stew. Now I'm not a bread baker. I think that gene was left out when I was being put together. I commented to my daughter (she of the domestic goddess sort) that it took quite a while to find crescent rolls without hydrogenated oils. We try to avoid foods with this. She told me I could make them and not have to worry about what was in them. Nope, ain't gonna happen. As much as I would love to bake my own bread, since I gave away my bread machine, that hasn't been happening around here. I do, however, have a simple recipe that the domestic goddess left with me the last time she visited. I might give it whirl one day.

Let me tell you about my daughter. She is 26 weeks pregnant with our 4th grandchild. This is her first and she is just glowing. She posts a photo each week on her Facebook page and her smile just gets bigger and bigger. She inherited her paternal grandmother's homemaking skills. Heaven knows she didn't get any from me. She (and her hubby, he's a great cook) bakes their own bread, cans and freezes tons of things during the growing season, knits, quilts, etc, etc, etc. They belong to a CSA and get boxes of fresh locally grown produce from spring to fall and they make the most of it. She and her hubby are vegetarian so she is always looking for ways to change recipes to suit their lifestyle. I am so proud of this girl. We had our problems when she was a teenager and young woman, but we are now very close. She lives 4 hours away and we talk at least 2 times a week if not more. This is her glowing beautiful self at 26 weeks. That's Hobbs the Cat looking out the door. They also have Calvin, Gracie and Buddy (all cats) and Daisy (sweet dog). Daisy is usually in the pictures but she was out barking at something so Hobbs filled in.

This was made last week on their 1st anniversary at the park where they got married.

Progress on Jellybean's blanket is moving along. I'm afraid I'm going to run out of yarn. It's not even close to being square yet and the balls are dwindling fast. This is where I am so far.

There is one more color on the fourth repeat of colors and it's a rectangle. I'm not sure what I will do. I bought the yarn when I visited Abby in June. I know the lot numbers won't be the same IF she can get the same yarn but maybe it will be far enough apart that it won't be too noticeable. I will just have to wait and see what happens.

I'm also working on some snowflake items for a Snowflake Christmas swap I've joined. I can't show those since I don't know yet who I'm paired with and I don't want to spoil the surprise. I'm enjoying this one just like I did the Autumn swap. I've so loved looking at snowflake patterns and trying to decide what I'm going to do. My biggest love is snowmen and I'm finding all kinds of them to do for me but they will have to take a backseat for now.

So there you are, all caught up in the twists and turns of my life. Thank you all so much for your kind words and comments while I was struggling these past few weeks. I so enjoyed hearing from you and each of you touched my heart and made me smile when I so needed it.

Thank you as always for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are in this great, big, beautiful world.



  1. So glad to read you're feeling so very much better m'dear. And all kudos to you for not letting your health issues make a victim out of you. I know we both have RA and it's a tough deal.

    And I'm loving Jellybean's blanket, and a rectangle is as good as a square you know :D

  2. I'm glad the inhalers are making such a difference for you. Oxygen is great when you can get it ... and now you're getting it! :)

    Your daughter looks very happy and glowing indeed. I wouldn't worry too much about lot numbers on the yarn - the stripes are so bright and cheerful no one would notice any slight variations.

    P.S. Have you seen Snowcatcher's blog? She posts a free snowflake pattern every Monday, so there are quite a few to choose from. :)


  3. Having had to use inhalers a couple times in my life I can appreciate the dramatic healing you are experiencing with your medicine, and am so happy for you, Sharon! I really love the colors you are using for Jellybean's blanket, and am certain the blanket will be treasured whether it is exactly square or not:) I need to get busy and start on a snowflake for the swap, too. I am working on another little pumpkin at the moment. Fun! xx from Gracie

  4. Glad you have found the medication to have helped.I would think its awful not to be able to breathe properly, you just take it for granted when you dont have a problem.
    Just to say how much the love and pride for your daughter shines out in your post and I think its wonderful.So much to look forward to.

  5. Hello Sharon,
    Well it was lovely to 'see' a new face on my new blog. (I do have another, all to do with books and reading, greedy woman having two!)
    I had to use an inhaler for a couple of months, some infection in my airways left me coughing a lot and feeling tight in that area. I haven't used it for a couple of months now, since it cooled down temperature wise (not that it ever hotted up you understand, our summer has been a joke, but it bothers me not, love all weathers, all seasons)
    And another coincidence, we had a hearty beef stew at the weekend... I tried a new recipe last month, which sounded really strange and I thought it would be awful, but with some tweaking (I rarely follow recipes to the letter) it was absolutely fabulous, so tender.... I can almost taste it now.
    And another... I also have health issues which impact on my daily life, but which I have learnt to accept (to a degree, there are still those odd times when I think this isn't how I thought it would be, but we are entitled I think!).
    Love your blog, so chatty and newsy without being all hippity hoppity skippity over the top happy and girly. So I am joining your happy band of follower, and thank you for joining mine.
    I look forward to reading your blog more, and your comments on mine too.
    All the best x

  6. HI Sharon

    Could you please email me your postal address so I can send you The Fine Colour of Rust?

    My email is: 15coastroad [at] gmail [dot] com.

  7. Dear Grammy,
    That blanket is just BEAUTIFUL! You go, girl! I am STILL waiting for the Goatmother to crochet my blanket. Well, she HAS been a little busy, I suppose. :)

  8. the blanket is lovely! I'm not surprised you are running out of yarn, it will be munching through those balls. It will be well loved and appreciated I can tell!

  9. Hi Sharon, The blanket is looking wonderful. And I am sure it is a yarn eater but it is looking too cute. Congratulations to your lovely daughter and you too. Wishing her all the best for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.
    I am glad that your inhaler has provided you some relief and kudos to you for not dwelling on it or letting it diminish the little pleasures of life. I hate it when my cervical spondylosis keeps me from crocheting and blogging.
    You are lucky to have a "domestic goddess" daughter. My poor mom who manages her home and kitchen with clockwork precision is stuck with an "all thumbs" me. ;) I would happily give up all household duties in favor of crochet!!
    Lots of love and a big hug