Thursday, November 8, 2012


I realize I've been missing in action but I've been trying to get a handle of things around here. Thankfully, the inhaler is working a miracle and I've energy and interest in taking care of things. My foot is still a little sore with some pain across the top and around the ankle but nothing I can't manage. It just means I have to sit down and elevate it several times a day and what better excuse to do some crocheting?????

This has been a busy week of run, run, run. Monday was a sunshiny day and I got out and ran some errands and visited with my Mom. Coming back home I couldn't resist swinging into the cemetary and taking a photo of the last couple of trees. Most of the trees around here are now bare with just a few hanging onto their leaves.

The gold against the beautiful blue sky just grabbed me and stopped me in my tracks. I love the way the sky is so blue in the autumn. Everything seems clearer and crisper and more vivid.

Tuesday was a stay home day and I worked really hard clearing the office of old files. I had files and papers all the way back to 1992 and since the Hubs uses papers and such as mulch in the garden, I was able to get rid of these and put them to good use. I was really on a roll Tuesday and got so much accomplished. However, around 6:30, the Hubs came in and told me I better stop or I wouldn't feel very good on Wednesday. He knows me so well.

Wednesday was a cold, rainy day and I woke aching in all my joints. I blamed it on the weather but maybe, all the work I did on Tuesday could have been a contributing factor. I really didn't want to go out Wednesday but I had an appointment with my eye doctor so off I went. I am being monitored for pressure in my eyes which is a sign of glaucoma. The pressure in both eyes was up on Wednesday but I had just come off a 2 week round of prednisone and steriods do cause your eye pressure to rise. It will continue to be monitored and if the pressure continues to stay up, I will have to start drops. Dr. Carson understands that with RA, I will occasionally have to be on prednisone and that may be the deciding factor to start the drops. I also got a prescription for new glasses. I'm having trouble reading words on the TV and road signs. Age apparently has something to do with that since the doctor said, "At your age, you need to have some increases in both the distance and close range." My life is just gets better and better. : ). But actually I really am lucky. I am still mobile and can enjoy most things and that makes me very thankful. I took a few photos of the rainy day when I was out yesterday.

There were cows in the field beside this barn all huddled up and I wish I had gotten them but I was on a busy road and was afraid to stop too long. Didn't want to be the cause of or the result of an accident.

I also have been getting packages in the mail. I love when the mail lady blows and it's another package for me. Getting packages in the mail is like having Christmas. Even when I know what it is, I'm still excited to get it open and look at it.

First, I ordered some new yard from Lion Brand. This was on their website and looked so soft and cushy, I just had to have it. It didn't disappoint. I love the colors and the feel and can't wait to make something cuddly.

And then on Tuesday, my book order arrived. I have looked at these books several times on Amazon and finally gave in and ordered. Does it make it better when you have credit on Amazon and the books didn't cost anything? Methinks this is a win-win.

The Crochet Stitch Design book has tons of stitches and also has the charting for those stitches. I struggle reading crochet charts but really, really want to learn these symbols. The Crochet Master Class is full of different projects and looks really interesting. Hmmmm, it occurs that I should have photographed some of the pages. Well, I will do that in another post.

And finally, yesterday when the mail lady blew her horn, I got this.

Wendy at 15 Coast Road sent this along after I commented on her blog that I really would like to read it. I've started and already am enjoying it. When I finish, I will post to send it along to someone else. I love the way the blogging community shares.

Oh, and I got this gorgeous handmade card along with it.

 Isn't that just too sweet? It has been a really good week around the Front Porch even with the rain and the achy joints.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you might be.



  1. That yarn looks so soft, bet it will be great to work with! :)

  2. I love getting parcels, how exciting :) Hope you have a good weekend and don't overdo things :) x

  3. Good to hear that you are feeling a little better and getting out and about. Take care of yourself though and take it easy. All the more time for that crochet of yours!

  4. You are SO right...I was just thinking the other day how blue the sky was and how beautiful it was! I have the same issue...I work hard one day and then I'm "tuckered" the next! LOL! But at least I can count on every other day.
    I take Enbrel for my RA and have for years...since 94' and never have any problems nor do I take anything else for it. No more steroids like in the beginning. But it is driving me to the poor house because it is so expensive. I've gotten to the point where I take it once a week instead of twice and so far so good. It's an injection I give myself. I'd be a wealthy woman if it wasn't for my meds! LOL!
    How exciting to get things in the mail! Those books look wonderful and so does all that scrumptious yarn! I can't wait to see what you make with it. Let me know how the books are. I ordered a couple, one from Alicia Paulson and one from Helen Phillips both whose blogs I follow. I also ordered a kit from Alicia as she does wool felt applique ornaments that I love but was thinking maybe I could design my own and sell on my blog (to offset the cost of the meds! LOL!).
    I love your pictures of the trees, cemetery and're getting good at the photography! Craftsy has an online photography class that I would like to take as I am really bad! There's so much I want to do....I hope I live that long but that's probably asking too much! Ha! ha! Good to see you blogging again but I's been a busy time of year for me too. TTYL!

  5. Hope you enjoy the book, I read it and passed it to Wendz... isn't her card wonderful, she is so imaginative!
    Have been on steroids and a whole raft of other drugs for the last twenty six years so am well aware of the side effects.... eye problems, skin problems and stomach ulcers in my case. Like you, I have to pace myself these days. I can have several weeks of feeling good and then WHAM, something will hit me... at the moment it's GORD and the associated discomfort and nausea. But, I know that in a few days it will pass.. then joy of joys, it's time for the flu jab!
    We have had a lot of damp weather here in Norfolk in the UK, so the leaves are not the lovely crispy kick 'em in the air kind, but damp and soggy and sticking together for company. But yet the colours of golden leaves and blue skies are universal it seems, beautiful.

  6. Your photos are lovely. Isn't autumn just magical? It's my favorite season, although today it is fairly dismal out.
    I am sending healing vibes your way, Sweet Sharon. Take care.

  7. Hi Sharon, The yarn does look so cuddly. And the books are wonderful. Looking forward to some lovely projects from you. Take care and do relax. You are always in my prayers.

  8. Wow, you have had a busy week! Good ol' prednisone - gotta love the darn stuff. So helpful, but so many side effects.

    I love taking pictures through the windshield too. And I like that barn!

    Hope you're soon feeling completely better. Enjoy that crochet time and all your fascinating books. :)

  9. Sharon, thank you for stopping by and for your kinds words. I hope you are feeling better soon - sounds like you have a lot on your plate.

  10. Hello Sharon, I hope you're feeling well this week.

    How lovely that Wendz has forwarded you the book, I was sorry to miss it so please put me on your list to pass it too next. Wouldn't it be lovely to keep circulating it between us all :)